Accidentally Deleted Chryslus '69 Rocket Code


I accidentally deleted my code for the Chrysler Rocket 69. I know it was stupid of me, but I had a lot of messages that I had to delete. But it said that I could view my messages on Xbox Live, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you please help me? I don’t know what to do. My gamertag is DutchSapphireNL

I’m Dutch, so I hope my English was understandable.



Log on to your xbox live account and see if it is still in your messages.

Hi, if the above does not work, I’ve got an extra you can have.


you can have mine, i dont need this car. or any other guy.

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I have two of these codes if needed

Yeah… the message made it sound like it was a DLC for Fallout 4 and not Forza 6. I don’t own Fallout 4 so I just deleted the message… then I open my subscription box on YouTube and see all my favorite Forza 6 YouTubers showing off this awesome car.

Any way I can get the code back? It’s not in my messages. Also, I tried going to my Xboz Live messages from the website too, no luck. Really wanted to make it a drag build too. :frowning:

It probably won’t happen. But I’m sure you can one that someone doesn’t want. As many people know it’s piece of junk, a lot of people gave away their codes.

I actually might have one for you. I’m not sure yet, when I get on my Xbox today I’ll check. I have an account that I never use and has been on forza since February I think. So I might have a code on that account. I completely forgot about it. I’ll check today when I get on and let you know if this post doesn’t get locked

If noone replies here, there is always Ebay or something similar. There will be milions of Fallout 4 players that don’t care about Forza and who got the code as well.

I just had a look on Ebay out of curiosity. In addition to the normal bidding items starting as low as $.01, these codes are available anywhere from $1.88 to $59.99 buy it now. Yeah… $59.99. (it does come with free shipping!!)

I’ve got a spare one. I will be on xbox in a few hours. Message me on xbox later if you haven’t got one by then and I’ll send you it.

You can buy the car in the showroom.
Not sure if you need the code to “unlock” it first or not, but I can go into the showroom on my game and buy them at will…

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Yes you need the code. And I do have a code for it. So once you see this and if you haven’t gotten in yet, just pm me on here or send me a message on Xbox.

I have 1 extra if needed.

I did the exact same thing. Ugh. This sucks. Can I contact someone about resending my code?

How do you guys “accidentally delete” a code? It said both the games Fallout 4 and FM6 in the message. There’s no way you could read it and think it was just for Fallout 4. Like you have to TRY to not read it well enough. Even then, why not just download it right then and there regardless of the game?

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Does anyone have an extra code? Please please please I want this car so bad

I need one too! I bought Forza 6 too late so I didn’t get a code. Can someone send me a code if the have more than one? (Sylvester Hilde)