Accessing car tuning - I'm new haha

Just picked up an Xbox one and the game yesterday. I was getting bored with Gran Turismo 6 so thought I’d try out Microsoft again.

I am not sure if it is just bad menu design or I am missing something but in career mode between races how the heck do you change your tune? I had to wait for the next track to load, close out of that to go back to the garage and make the changes then load the track back up again. It can’t be that bad so I am sure i’m missing something?

A good place to start with Tuning questions is the Tuner’s Lounge in the Forza Motorsport 5 section.

It’s more of a menu question then a tuning question. I am not asking for help on tuning a car, i’m asking for help on getting to the screen that allows you too.

When you’re in the upgrades menu, hit the X button. That’ll take you to the tuning menu. The Y button will allow you to choose a track to test your tune on and you can further tune the car from the pause menu while on the track.

No, there is no way to access the tuning menu option when you are in career, you have to back out and access it from the main menu.

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There is no option to change tunes in the middle of career mode races. Backing out of career mode to the main menu is the only way to change in between races.

thanks guys, hopefully they will fix that with an update. Having had it in GT6 I am going to really miss it being so quick and easy.