Access all cars????

Hey guys been playing fh3 for a couple weeks now and really like it. The only parts im really disappointed about is the cars that can’t be bought without buying the expansion pass things. Is there a certain thing that i can buy that will unlock ALL of the cars shown in the garage? If not what is the cheapest way to have access to all of the cars?

The cars included with the expansions can only be used if you buy the expansions
The cheapest way to get all cars is to buy the car pass and the expansion pass plus the other 3 or so other car packs not included in those
You cant do it by buying just one pass or pack

Thanks thats what i figured. Ill probably just chose one to buy because there is no way im spending $60+ on a game I already bought

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If you have Gold just wait as it will come on special again just check the deals for gold once a week and it will show up sooner or later. I have all content for the game and my total out lay was just under $100 as I got game and Download content when on Special about 2 or 3 months after release. Ther may also be a All content pack released it has been done for the other titles and the average price for them on special is $30 and this will give you all content that has been released for the game.

you bought the base game
DLC is almost always an extra cost and is entirely optional

The apparent all content pack for forza 6 still didnt contain all packs…the packs after the car pass finished were still.not included
And that pack wasnt released until about 18 months after it was initially released

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