Accent/secondary car colors

When buying a car in forza 4 and choosing the its colors, you are able to change the color of accents, eg stripes. However after purchasing the car with a stripe on, you can’t change secondary colors in the ‘paint’ menu.

In forza Horizon you may have noticed, you can actually change the secondary colors in the paint booth. It doesn’t show on the car right after choosing the paint, but after exiting the garage you get the accents you selected.

I assume this is a bug in forza 4 dealt with in forza horizon. Do you think it can it be patched through an update? And if so, where can T10 be notified?

Don’t know if it is a bug, over sight or what but that is the way it is in FM4. There is a work around but can’t remember how to do it and not sure it works in all cases.

T10 know already and it won’t get patched - FM4 is being left as it is and isn’t likely to see any updates. If you feel the need you can send an email to, but it will be a waste of your, and the poor [Mod edit -WSD Profanity] who has to sift through all the emails, time.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who had the idea of decalling over them. Because that worked for me