Absolutely mind-boggling how much inspiration Forza took from Fornite

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Being an open world racing game, you’d expect the franchise to take notes from other games in it’s genre. But since FH4, they’ve been literally taking inspiration from Fortnite, and it’s completely insulting.

Let me point this out:

There is a very subtle tonal discrepancy between FH3 and FH4. Horizon 4 something changed and for the longest time I couldn’t put my exact finger on it, until now.

Forza Horizon 3 released in 2016.

Fornite’s Battle Royale Mode released in 2017.

Forza Horizon 4 released in 2018.

Forza Horizon 4 on launch day proceeds to include item rarity tiers, emotes, and a limited time shop. None of these were in a Forza game before the creation of Fortnite, yet these little game mechanics are STAPLES of Fortnite. Then, about a year later, an ENTIRE POST-LAUNCH BATTLE ROYALE IS ADDED TO HORIZON 4.

I don’t know who’s responsible for deciding to take a beloved racing game franchise and use inspiration from the game that arguably has set the gaming industry back a couple years, but I think they’d be better off not working for Playground.


Seeing as I despise Fortnite most of these bells and whistles make me not want to play Forza. I want to play a racing game to race to win cars not all this other random stuff that really pointless. As soon as they added the building feature in custom events it was pretty clear which game they copied.


Inspiration from fortnite?? jeez. lol, some of you really need to go to a doctor :stuck_out_tongue: that doesnt seem right lol.


Unfortunately it’s just the way it is with games now, somebody does something and others hop on the bandwagon.

My most hated aspect of modern games ie live service only infested AAA gaming because of Destiny for example, Fortnite like you say brought this trend of rarity tiers to them on a widespread basis even though Borderlands had already been doing it beforehand, everyone throwing their hat into BR because of again Fortnite like you say despite PUBG being there before it, Battlefield suddenly trying to copy COD + countless other hero shooters with it’s online in 2042, the list goes on.

I don’t know how many on here know about it but I just hope GTA+ in GTA Online isn’t a success, if it does there’s a real chance paid subscriptions in already paid for games could start rearing it’s ugly head more and more in other console games, even though ESO + Fallout 76 already offer it GTA V is the most financially successful game of all time, if that game does well with something you can bet the other publishers will jump straight on it (fortunately I don’t think FH/FM is structured in a way that it could be implemented though).


I mean Fortnite is an original game that didn’t take inspiration from previous BR games. Or any game that was released before 2017. Why not going a little bit further? There’s not a single Forza game ever made that doesn’t have parts featured in other games released before each title. Actually a real puritan is still playing Out Run or Pole Position, because all racing games after that are just copies of originals. And even those games took inspiration from some older games.
Not to mention, nobody is dressing their characters or playing Eliminator anyway… wait.


This thread is silly.


I agree, as a huge forza and battlefield fan it was especially rough for me when both games released in less than idea states, bugs and forcing live service into every crevice of the game.

I think that the fan bases of games like forza, or battlefield, are generally older and ask a different experience from games than what current trends and fortnite is doing. Sadly money trumps players’ enjoyment and we get things like emotes, clothing, limited time cars, battle royale car mode, that does not resonate with people who originally got into Forza for cars/tuning/painting/racing/cruising. I don’t need clothes or emotes at all to enjoy the game like in past titles that didn’t have any of that. The weekly playlist and FOMO cars and chasing trends brings in new people, but as evident with sentiment on these boards, turns off a lot of older players that never asked for that, not trying to speak for everyone just a feeling.

I hate that we are getting new clothing items when there are still car model inaccuracies and cockpit view problems and lacking shifting animations, things I notice much more while playing a racing game. But the devs let those pile up yet immediately fix things like “too easy to get superwheel spins” and the most baffling to me major nerfing of wheel spins in general.


Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Something like Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary tiers has no need to be in any racing game that features real cars.


Well, to be fair, GTA has emotes too. But most of them are not suitable for children.

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Actually the more I think about it the more I agree with OP.

I can play Fortnite on my XSX. I can now play FH5 on my XSX too. Direct copy right there from Fortnite.

In Fortnite there are other players in the game. I think FH5 got inspired here to by adding multiplayer.

In Fortnite you can move around the open world. Again FH5 clearly got inspired here by allowing players to drive around the open world.

FH5 - Fortnite Horizon 5


I can understand you being afraid this whole tier thing will inevitably lead to some sort of paid DLC. But we already have that. And I think is right to have paid and free DLC available. They need to make extra money income when delivering free content.
But I also know they are not really that greedy too. I mean they got rid of tokens, they are day one Gamepass games too. And in the end, they are working for money not for a thank you.
Forzathon shop is specific in a way that you need to do certain activities to purchase in game content. It’s actually a very good idea. Specially for those that reached end game.
Same with the Playlist. It main purpose is to give players a reason to come back. There is no point releasing new content if you don’t give extra activities to do.
This is an arcade racer. It’s not a sim where you can do laps after laps for years and still enjoy the game.
I got tired of FH2 so quickly after playing FH3 just because there was nothing after finishing the championships which really felt just like an endless grind. Same with FH3 after they ended the weekly Forzathon.
I would want an option to buy or have available every car or horn anytime I want. But I also want to have a reason to come back any week and play the game to win a car not available in the Autoshow yet.
Maybe I’m bothered because comparing a F2P game that makes money only with paid skins to FH mechanics. Yeah it doesn’t seem right.

Not being funny but I didn’t say a word about it leading to paid DLC, to me the rarity tiers have no place simply because we already know what cars are rare and what aren’t in the real world.

As for the live service well we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum with that and I don’t think arguing our sides would go anywhere, you think it’s great and adds longevity while I think it just encourages sloppiness + excuses technical issues and/or lack of content at release, the latter often on purpose just to dripfeed stuff that could have been there at release afterwards instead.

I don’t know about your side but mine isn’t exclusive to Forza either and is nothing personal against the game itself, I simply despise live service as a practice for how it’s used in most instances.


On a serious note, I would love for this game to follow in the foot steps of Fortnite. For the longest time I avoided playing Fortnite because all I heard was that it’s a kids game. It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I just decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did.

Fortnite IMO is the best third person shooter game. In a nut shell it is an incredibly well polished, extremely fun and engaging game with an endless of amount of features. It’s regularly updated with new content that makes the game feel fresh and exciting. And if all this wasn’t enough, it’s completely free to play. It costs you $0 to access all content and there is no pay to win.

With the said, I wish FH5 was inspired by Fortnite but clearly it’s not because I can’t say the same about this game.

You already know that the next Motorsport is going to be a service. It’s clearly the way they want to go so. I don’t know embrace the future or hope for some other developer to come with a better game.
Bugs are killing the fun for many I totally understand. I’m not immune to bugs. I’m in the same boat.
I also believe FH5 would be 1000% more polished if released only for Series consoles (like Gran Turismo).
Maybe FH6 will feature Japan with hundreds of mountains and half Yokohama, 1000 cars and a good story and everyone will be happy. But I’m willing to bet the playlist is staying. Because it works. Even those that hate it are doing it.

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I’ve already accepted this is how it is and I’ve played too many games to know it isn’t going to change, doesn’t mean I should just like it because of that though, you’re little more than a puppet with the dev’s + publisher dictating your whole perspective + thoughts if you just blindly support everything a series does because it’s the dev’s decision.

I said as a practice I hate live service, as a concept it’s entirely the opposite but I haven’t played a game myself that’s executed that concept yet.

A FM game with the amount of content, features + feeling of general care put into it that FM3 + FM4 had with even more added on over time? My idea of the perfect racing game.

Will we get that though? No, I think we’ll be lucky if we even get a FM7 standard game at launch, served with lashings and lashings of ‘That will be fixed later’ and ‘Yeah that’s coming in a future update’.

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All the costumes, prancing and dancing just a bit of fun, I think its great, just a shame you cant get out the cars in free roam to do all the emotes and stuff. :rofl:

Those new builders gloves from the playlist are sick, bro. Totally completed my dudes look. :raised_hands:

I can’t tell whether you’re being serious, or if this is just a badly written troll post. If it’s serious, you might want to take a look at games from long before Fartnite came out.

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I think you might need to go see a doctor about your memory issues then son. I said the people sending death threats were that. Not the entirety of this forum. Now I remember why I had you blocked.

Oh please you don’t seem to like or get on with a single person on here.

Evidently you’re one of those types who can dish it out but can’t take it, the way you talk to people you disagree on stuff with is often quite disgusting.

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