About these forums.

I have questions and some points I’d like to bring up regarding these forums.
I’d like a staff response please, so once posted I will report myself.
Please forgive this (I’m former forum admin myself - not here).

I could find no information regarding this forum.
I know that most wouldn’t care but I’d like to know all about these things I see in profiles :
"Driving Since ---- is self explanatory but TIER, Forza Total, Driving licence???

Are these things that are affected in-game or on these forums? I don’t see the info.
There’s no listing of staff to direct questions to.

I’ve also noticed that peole can like or even quote your content with no notifications.
I cannot find any notifications settings. The only ones I’ve seen are for PM’s.
I’d like to be able to turn on notifications for these things.
As it stands I have to go back and manually check each thread I’ve been in to see what’s occured since.
These things I always found to be important for a forum ‘community’.
Without there’s nothing to make people feel a part of this.
It would engage people more on the whole.

Another thing that would help things here would be if each page didn’t take as long as xbox.com to load up.
Does MS check the log-ins through all world enforcement agencies or something before the “okay” gets back to me?
UK to America and back happens in miliseconds, so why so many full seconds to access pages here?
If getting here from a Google search, it NEVER signs me in. I sign in and the link is still invalid.
If GTA forums ran pages for this game I’d be there instead.

I intend the last paragraph as constructive critcism, not a dig at whoever made this lot.
Surely something can be done?

I canhelp with a couple things there.

Tier comes from an App called Forza hub. It’s retired now but you gained tiers based on how much of each forza gameyou completed.
Forza total is the points you had in the hub (I think!)

And yeah the forum is slow, was OK until FH5 came out but guessing they put all the servers on that, for all the good its doing lol

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Check the rewards drop down menu at the top of the page which should hopefully give you info on your tier and total which are derived from playing the game and getting gamerscore across the series, your rank is based on your post count, best way to keep track of threads your interested in is by posting in them, then you can use the ‘my topics’ link, anything with new posts will be highlighted.

It wasnt always this slow and hopefully things will speed up again soon.

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Hope all is well with you.

A lot of the answers to the Ops questions can also be found here;

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Rather than post a new topic and clutter the forum, as my question is “about the forum”, figured I’d just add to this thread so apologies if it’s considered off-topic.

Is anything being done about the “report post” system? I ask as we have zero idea whether reporting a post does anything at all as it gives an error message every single time…I rarely report posts as I feel like I’m wasting my time typing out a reason only to have it do nothing as I get an error.

I realise that Turn 10 and Playground have basically forgotten about this forum but it says a lot when we can’t even report offensive posts on the official Forza forum

I know it shows an error half the time but the report button does seem to work to some degree, the forums are constantly being worked on and hopefully it will be fixed soon. For the moment you can follow the report up with a PM to one of the Moderators

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FYI Top nav bar seems to point to galleries now without having to click it twice

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@WindsweptDragon Do you know if there is any plan to re-introduce the feature where you can hide all of a particular users’ posts? There are a few users on this forum who’s sole purpose in life seems to be to try and aggravate people on here…the new forum made their posts visible again!

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Thanks…if I had a brain cell, then I would have gone searching in my settings for it!! Was just hoping that maybe it would be added in the forum itself, like it used to be

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Just to follow-up here: The “Ignored” button in the forum doesn’t seem to be working…I selected it for a few people yesterday but am still seeing their posts (posts created since I hit the ignore button). Going into my profile and preferences, I find that no-one has been added to the “ignored” list. Not a big deal, obviously, as I can just manually add them but just wanted to make you aware that it isn’t working as it should

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