About the VIP special paintjob cars.

Hello guys :slight_smile: Just bought the game and VIP with it.
After a while I did receive two HONDA NSX-R in special paint job and have 2016 OCT written on it.
I was wonderding do we have special VIP paint job cars for September or November ?
I search around the internet and couldn’t find any answer…
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

There wasn’t a September VIP car (to my knowledge, at least), probably because of how the game was released late that month. I’m not sure when VIP cars are released within the month, but if it’s like last time, I’d expect the November VIP car at the end of the month.

the hondas were the first VIP cars

we just got the Raptor as well , VIPs got 2

game was released at the end of september so there was no cars

Those cars were supposed to have paint jobs? I got two Honda NSX-Rs and two 2017 Ford Raptors that are 100% blank. So now i have three of each and those aren’t even the good versions of those cars.

Get in the vehicle and then drive it around for a bit or tune/customize it, then the little thumbnail for the vehicle will update in the garage and you can see the livery on it


If you take them out of the garage, magic happens…


Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

I accidentally removed mine cause I thought they were regular cars is there any way to get them back?

Apart from buying new ones from the Auction House, no.

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Is there any way to tell which is which because I removed them because the paint didn’t show up

Change a part or load a tune on the car, then the livery will show up in the garage.