About the Lancer Evo '04

So lately I’ve seen more and more players using the Lancer Evo '04 in A Class. Most of the time they are incredibly fast and beat everyone else by 10 to 20 seconds. Since it’s not known as a meta car/RWD Power Build car, I was wondering what’s the magic behind it. I went on and did some testing and even tried to tune it myself, but never came close to those online players.
I know that many PC Players use Trainers/Speedhacks for online races, but why would all of them use this car in particular? Or is it just a broken tune I don’t know about?

Most likely for the handling since they dont have to really build for speed. I see this a lot with the Datsun 510 in B Class dirt. Regardless of what I do, I can never match the trainers capability. I even downloaded better tunes than I can create but never seem to have that magic formula.
And I do believe some do it just to stick in your face that they can cheat and nothing will ever be done about it.

It’s simply the meta formula of Rallye tires, centrifugal V8 and rear aero that works for all Evos, Imprezas and GTRs.
Rear aero provides more lateral g than stock but does not decrease top speed. A rather exclusive trait to those 3 car types.
The '04 Evo can even fit the racing centrifugal upgrade and has the Varis bodymods.
It runs 350 km/h top.

These builds outrun the AWD Bone Shaker on more power oriented tracks. Most A-class cars don’t stand a chance against them.


It sounds more like rock, paper, scissors than actually tuning a car.

There are more that don’t!