About purchasing FM7

IF i buy the Xbox One code from CDKeys.com will it work on Windows 10?

don’t buy it at all.

Bought lots of games here , never had any problems

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Will that work on PC, though?

if it’s a digital code it will work on PC
digital codes are the same for PC and xbone

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if you like hot lapping on the tracks dont buy it until they fix this situation


Free race - select track - 0 drivartars - 10 (+) laps = hot lapping session… problem solved.

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tell me, where i check the leaderboard for the the times on that track in free race? nowhere, that’s the point of " hot lapping " …


Pretty sure there’s a leaderboard option; if not, I guess I’ll have to eat my hat!

Minor issue IMO, certainly not game breaking, at hotlapping is still there. But I understand where it’s coming from - what might be minor to one gamer can be game breaking to another.

Before you buy… WAIT.

There are so many Bugs, which should not even be in this game. Privat Lobby’s doesn’t work for 99% and the others say you can’t add AI to your lobby. Multiplayer is full of rammers and unfair drivers. You can’t even see people in the pit stop… Not even in Singleplayer mode. Also some features are still locked.

The answer to your question after most of the sarcastic, useless replies on here is yes, but why would you got through CDkeys?


Bro, your link goes to FM6, not 7. And 6 doesn’t have “play anywhere” feature, FM7 does…