About getting more design downloads

Hello everyone,

Which SUVs and cars get more design downloads? And do I need to have a 5 star design in order to sell a car for 20 million when I receive legendary status?

You are in for a steep uphill battle to get to Legendary Status (50,000 combined downloads, likes and uses). Your best bet at getting design downloads is to apply a livery to a vehicle that will see an uptick in purchases from the autoshow that forces you to select a livery (or default paint) prior to purchasing the vehicle. So when a new week starts and a new set of events and weekly forzathon requirements are laid out is the best time to determine which specific vehicles will have to be used to achieve the events and forzathon for the week. Then it is luck in that you get your design near the top of the list for a brief moment and get an influx of downloads and uses to have it stay there for some extended duration rather than it just falling off as newer designs get thrown up.

To answer the second part of your question, no you don’t need to apply a 5 star design for a vehicle to sell for 20 million as a legendary painter. All you would need to do is change the base paint to anything else (change the window tint, or rim color, or put a tiny little black dot on the left fender, then save it and it will let you sell that “non-stock paint job” for 20 million CR, the same applies for tuners, they could literally just change the tire pressure of the front tires, save the tune and sell it for 20 million if they have legendary status).

Which cars or SUVs get more design downloads? Any particual car or SUV?