About banned

This [profanity removed- fyerball] is really stupid, so many ppl here r being banned for no reason cuz ppl here explain to all does that actually did sumthing wrong but to does that never have done anything and still no answer is really stupid, turn 10 is ganna loose a lot ppl if u dont start putting ppl back on. Ive been waiting for 2 months now to see if i get any answer all i get is be patient about it. What kind of [profanity removed- fyerball] is that?! Fix the damm problem and let ppl play happy specially to does who havent done anything.

Man I find these threads hilarious!! So many people post their innocence only to be called out by the mod’s stating what their offense was, often not their first one at that. I’ve been playing this game since FM2 and I don’t know of anyone who ever got banned for no reason. Honestly, losing people who have been banned for abusing the game in some way is no loss to anyone, certainly not to those of us who have played honestly and by the rules for years.


Oh, thanks for the input but as you know - Bans or enforcement of Xbox LIVE’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are not discussed on the forums.

Might want to keep down the profanity as well. Or you will find yourself with a ban from the forums on top of the one you are asking about.