A warning to T10 and consumers with Forza 6: Apex

I think it’s fair to say, the woes regarding Tomb Raider and Gears of War on the windows store with the UWP, from not being able to play full screen, no SLI support, locked files, borderless windowed mode only, no access to Nvida or Amd overrides via the control panel programs and probably the biggest issue for me so far, no chaning the game files location from the SYSTEM drive by which I mean, the 60gb download for Gears of War can’t be moved to another harddrive and you can’t tell the “store” to point to the drive you want to install games on (Steam is on D:, but I install some games on my F:\ drive) which is a huge crutch because my system SSD is only 120gb.

I would just like to say, on topic with Forza 6 Apex to T10, PLEASE do not release the game on top of the state the W10 store is in currently because it will turn more people away. It’s a minefield at the moment with above limitations in play, whether it’s free or if it would cost full price, this can’t be allowed to happen on release.

Secondly, a warning to to us fans, watch out for this when the game drops, if you run into these issues, talk about it, LOUDLY on release until something is done and do no support these aweful limitations for service which has been deemed as a re-focus on PC gaming to give it the franchises top dogs across all M$ platforms.

I don’t know how much sway T10 is going to have over Microsoft and addressing these potential launch day issues, nor do I know if there is anything that can be done now until UWA platform is made better but I hope they are aware of potential issues. I wouldn’t want Forza getting a bad name on the W10 Store over something that should be pressed about early, to ensure said issues won’t happen.

Just my two cents.

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Thank you for the feedback. You can contact the developers at forzafb@microsoft.com.

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