A Summer of Rewards

This isn’t really an FH4 topic per se but wasn’t sure where to post it however does apply.

With the approach of Forza 8 this holidays, it being considered a soft reboot and no new Forza in 2019, a lot of people are just working on their Forza Rewards to scratch that Forza itch and to increase their current rewards in Forza Horizon 4 (see told you it applies).

And that got me thinking of an idea. “The Summer of [Forza] Rewards”. Many rewards are unobtainable now due to servers going offline and stats not updating. Whilst the DLC couldn’t be relisted of course, the servers could be turned on for say, the month of August, meaning for example: people’s Forza 3 stats would update, the Forza 3 share a design achievement would be unlockable allowing for max points, Forza 4 we could all share Unicorn cars for a month allowing that to be max points too, Forza 2 lets us use Auction House and find online lobbies again to finish that and Forza 6 Apex gets enough Spotlight events we can finish our 25 events/100 medals and get the 50 medals and 5 spotlight achievements. I think that would be amazing. I know that even tho there’s no licensing needed, it won’t happen, much like Fujimi, Camino and Positano coming back in Forza 8, but hey Turn10. Please?