A steer in the wrong direction.

Hello fellow Forza nuts.

I’ll do my best not to sound like I’m whining here…

I’ve played since FM1 and have held a lot of top 100 times in the past.

My Favorite things to do since FM1 was to take slow cars and make them competitive fast online racing cars (mainly A class)
The ability to do this has grown and grown with each iteration of Forza with new engine swaps from different manufactures and more in depth class racing… That is until now.

I do understand the direction of this new homologation system that T10 seems to be heavily focused on however it’s severely limited what I and I’m sure many others enjoyed most about the game.

The majority of available engine swaps now and modifications render the most of the cars unusable in their restriction which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if there was a division online say like… what’s always been there. Your standard E through to X class… However it’s just not the case any more. While the racing may be slightly more balanced in limiting the variations of vehicle in a particular homologation now. It’s also created a lack of diversity.

If I can suggest something it would be to leave homologation for single player and league racing.
Give back the class racing for hoppers so we can enjoy the forza we all know and love.


You are 100% correct. If I would have known this prior, I would have had severe trepidation about buying this game. I will say if they choose to go this route again on the next iteration , that will be the first Forza game I will not buy. They have really missed the mark, they have taken out one of the most fundamental things that made Forza great and stand apart form the rest. I really hope that they listen to their community on this one.


I am on-board with every word. I do enjoy the new physics very much, just major lack of diversity.

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All great points - physics are very, very good. Other aspects of the game or rather how they were executed is certainly holding it back.

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Yup I agree. I’m not really a fan of the homologation system. I wish they just would have grouped cars together into divisions like Forza 6. I don’t really upgrade cars and I prefer to drive them stock. Free play is the only place I can drive stock cars now. And I totally understand how the homologation system ruins the game for people who like to upgrade cars. I agree the racing is tighter with homologation cars but it really takes the freedom away from the game.

Turn 10 please allow the option to disable the homologation system and just uses classes again. Unfortunately I know this probably won’t happen since the career mode and online hoppers are built around homologation.

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