A smaller/movable wheel stand for the CSL ELITE?

So i’m pretty new to Sim-racing, and im looking at getting the Fanatec CSL Elite, mainly because you can get a handbrake for it, but im struggling to find a wheel stand to use. I need a wheel stand that i can easily move away when i want to play other games on my pc/ xbox. I saw Wheelstandpro and it looked good, but they dont seem to have am stand for Fanatec, could i maybe just put the CSL Elite on a stand made for the Thrustmaster TX, and buy the RGS-F Module for CSP SQ shifter?

Im currently planning on using it for Xbox, but i have a pretty good pc, so i can use it for that too.

Let me know if you know any way to get a handbrake for Thrustmaster TX thats not DIY.

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I’ve got the same wheel and I use the GT Omega wheel stand which is compatible.

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It’s not all that small and it sits basically on the ground but the openwheeler playseat is pretty good. Works for like any wheel and pedal set plus its made really nicely. It’s expensive but overall I really love mine.