A real life observation for old FH5 gamers in The USA

It’s a sad statement for American motoring when “modern muscle cars” include Cadillac. And some of the old muscle is gone forever. It does my heart good to see so many new Challengers, Mustangs, and Camaros on the streets today. I’m sure GM would do good if they brought out some good new blood lines in the GTO, and 442. And if Chrysler (since they own jeep) would revive the old AMC Javelin. Cadillac (aka saab) never made a muscle car and they shouldn’t try.


It would be a wish fulfilled if we could create and save our own classes.

I still remember like it was today, the inclusion in FM4, almost at the same time as the actual market launch, the 2012 Camaro ZL1, 2013 Mustang Boss 302 and 2013 Viper GTS. The crowd cheered, praised, etc etc… Those were the days! I miss the Muscle variety. Yes, I know I already said that.

The likes of Pontiac, Oldsmobile, AMC, Plymouth, Mercury and so on are never coming back. The constant tightening of federal safety and fuel economy regulations guarantees it. Regardless of brand name, we should be thankful to have any modern muscle car options since the development costs and associated risks are in the billions of dollars.


Custom car filters and custom car tags. Great idea.

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I agree. But would this not pass?

Yes, I know it’s just a fan-made projection.

Anyway, back to the topic and game, we could get our Muscles back. The other day I was making an Excel Spreadheet, and I had already arrived at 30 models that are not in the FH5. Well, at least for now, who knows…

That would be nice. I could add Holden Sandman, El Camino and Impala to the Classic. And why not combine them all, Classics, Retros and Moderns? I would also add some models in the Hot Rod category that would fit well. Dreams anyway… Never mind.

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Yeah. Missing muscle cars in FH5 is a sore point for me. They were what I normally drove in FH4. I really, really want them back. Top of my list is the AMC Rebel Machine


Ah the Rebel Machine, I miss him… It would be nice to have the 442, GTO Judge, Falcon XB, AMX and the Rebel back. At least these.

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Things being what they are today. I was talking more about life than game. Or maybe about gamelife it could be. Yes Chihuahua you’re correct in they aren’t coming back lifewise.

That Chevelle is hot! And if Chevy actually did something like that the sad part would be it would be an 800 volt monster rather than an 800 horsepower LS1 V8.

Even still, the great new cars of today will never be classics of tomorrow like the great old cars of the 70’s and earlier. Just too much plastic composites and computers.

At least we have the games, if we could just get the developers to bring the goods.