A rant about the first corner pile ups! long read!

This isnt the post you are thinking its going to be!

After so many years of this game now . . well since fm1 and xbox live on a 1MB connection its been a great a game and you are always going to get that first corner pile up, i have all of the other racers and they are no different. I expect it, live with it then have a good race trying to get back to the front OR im left over half a lap in front!

Personally every race is great, wreck me all you want! some people however are really ruining the day by going over the top.

But this is what im talking about.

Im sure youve all heard it ,“noone on this game can drive”, “learn to drive” and comments of this nature. It is however quite ironic that the person saying this after they have been smashed off the road was the person who indeed needs to learn to RACE!

Hear me out. I really want to start a video series showing what i mean by this but if you are that forza veteran who feels entitled to win every race please take heed some of these steps before you get everyone mad as hell by saying these pointless comments.

  1. MESSING UP THE BASIC CORNERS - THERE IS NOTHING the guy behind can do if its a flat out turn and you fluffed it. EXPECT to be taken out! You cant stop or maneuver! Most of us play with no assists. WATCH real live races. Do you know why they follow feet it seems from the racer in front? yep you guessed it because they KNOW the guy ahead WONT make a silly mistake IN THAT PART OF THE TRACK! Watch a little longer and you will see them ‘loose’ ground AT SOME SECTIONS OF THE TRACK but this is because they EXPECT mistakes are to be made there, the driver ahead may be unpredictable but mostly over the last few laps they have NOTICED THEY ARE FASTER HERE THAN THEY ARE. Which leads nicely onto point 2

  2. NOT EVERY CORNER IS AN OVERTAKING SPOT. This i feel is the racing games Achilles heel. Everyone is trying to overtake everywhere and at any point if they are going at least a few meters per second faster than the car infront. STOP IT. There is no need to moan if youre getting hit while the guy infront HAS TO TURN INTO THE NEXT CORNER and they have the racing line(AND FOR GODS SAKE YOU ALL SEEM TO HAVE THIS TURNED ON). God it happens every race, that one dude whos side by side another and turns into the guy on the line. NOONE IS GOING TO YIELD. So never expect it, but please dont go mad if EITHER of you crash . . but if you read the above, a clever race will realise that the LAST corner is the damn reason there is someone up the side of you anyway . . so you infact should yield.

  3. NOT KNOWING THE TRACK - Dont really have to explain but will some of you please look a the track variant, that suzuka west is really getting people mad atm!

  4. Will you stop pulling onto the racing line if you have gone off. Jesus christ lads and ladies. There is noting more infuriating than expecting the car pile up into turn 1, getting out of it then the idiot at turn 2 taking someone out and then both of them coming back onto the track ata point where everyone is hitting 5th gear. ARE YOU REALLY going to start complaining when people hit you? Well i guess you are.

Feel free to add me as a rival if you are in the same boat as me with this. Its ok to have a first corner pile up! Just dont be the guy adding to the frustration as 99% of the time youre being taken out because YOU did something wrong!


Rule #1 for successful racing in Forza: Let everyone pass you at the start then drive calmly into a top three position as you pass all the wrecks.


I’ve got so used to driving off the track to avoid the metal mangle

I don’t know how to link it to here, but I’ve just written a reply to another thread in the tech support and help section regarding the same matter, it’s titled something like “AI still cheating 4 years later” OP was something slightly different but the first corner pile up came up

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Well said 🖒

Im just going to 1v1 in private lobby with a mate, because MP is unplayable as it is, its just a carnage of wrecks without any punishment. They should add penalty systems and a ladder so that weak intentional rammers get put in the same destruction derby league. Untill this is done MP in forza is unplayable.


The problem is, the people that need this help the most are often not the people who visit this forum.

Forza Hoppers have been a battleground for years now and that’s not going to change in the future unfortunately.

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It somehow seems much worse, and also i feel this has been an issue with FM since fm3 but nothing has been done to try and cleanup the game of trolls. Also there is a very easy fix for this, but there simply is no interest in implementing it.


#2 in the MP Hot Hatchbacks at the very moment. Everyone this thread is aimed at seems to be running full downforce so flying round corners straight into back of people, piling into chicanes bla bla.

There’s no excuse for “not seeing someone” on inside or outside because have the markers - TURN THEM ON!!!

#2 in the MP Hot Hatchbacks at the very moment. Everyone this thread is aimed at seems to be running full downforce so flying round corners straight into back of people, piling into chicanes bla bla.

There’s no excuse for “not seeing someone” on inside or outside because have the markers - TURN THEM ON!!!

Ha ha and the race after posting this! On the Alps, first left hander I was on the outside of someone on the line, someone on the outside of me turned into me turning me into the one on the line - of course, Mr Microphone on my inside blames me. I still got taken out by a spinner who didn’t brake and ricocheted off the barrier so had to quit. But I can still hear Mr Microphone now round the rest of the race “Oh man, why did you do that” “Oh it’s funny how you benefitted from that as well” and then… “Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there”. This is one guy who needs to be reading this thread…

Thanks for the people taking the time to read, im pretty sure the people here are not the ones who are doing this intentionally. we all make mistakes, thing is, noones seems to want to acknowledge that and ruin their entire evening/day by shouting at people who arent going to listen. When the lambo room stops kicking me out all of the time there is at least ALWAYS 2 people who hit each other, then they start waiting to take the other person out, does anyone really care.

Anyways. see you in 5 mins in the street muscle!

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The irony about MP in Forza (and I suspect in most racing games) is that racing is the only type of game genre I can think of off the top of my head where being bad at it can actually put good opponents at a disadvantage. Know Laguna Seca by heart and can get a perfect line on the corkscrew with your eyes closed every time? It doesn’t matter if you’re knocked off every time by someone who uses the side of your car as a substitute for braking and downshifting. If you’re playing someone inept at NBA 2K you can beat them by 30, if they’re no good at Street Fighter you can double-perfect them and send them packing, but bad drivers can sabotage good drivers to an extent that would make Leeroy Jenkins envious. It’s a paradox, and I don’t know how many other games have thoroughly solved it, at least where pubbies are concerned.

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Very well put StatixSc, I will add you as a rival. I have found with Forza 6 that MP has been pretty poor from a driving skills point of view. Apart from those who are just plain bad sports and who probably ruin the game for themselves as much as others, it’s just a lack of skill, no understanding of racing lines or braking zones that causes much of the frustration. Generally I’m sure you have found that if by some miracle you get past turn 2 unscathed and in the top 3, that you can get a pretty decent race. I’m always surprised if I have someone close behind me coming into a turn and they don’t clean me up to be honest. I’m guilty myself of not backing off and rear ending someone who took a turn poorly, this is something I can learn from for sure. Forza is, let’s face it, mainstream arcade style racing at it’s base level - you are always going to have to deal with the idiots and the poor drivers, it’s expected. I have found that once you make it to higher levels in the lobbies the racing is excellent - in Forza 6 when I made it to Elite level it was so much more enjoyable, it made me learn how to race properly as the behaviour of others was so much better. On the subject of idiots, I have to say, the ‘Mute all other drivers’ option is the best idea in the history of Forza - it’s the first thing I always do.

Open lobbies at launch have either been feast or famine, after 10 years of dealing with Artificial Intelligence and no intelligence just keep a good supply of Xanax and have fun. Let’s hope the fun outweighs the horror.