a quick question


i know this game is old however i have been getting back into forza recently since not playing since forza 4 however i use to play forza all the time and i have been looking at my achievements and seen i have 1 missing from forza 2.

i know the auction house is shut down however is it still possible to do career races to earn the 1 million achievement?

just a side question, because i dont have my original save which had about 700k earnings on do i need to do the entire 1 million again?

thanks in advance

P.S i totaly think they should remaster this game although i dont think microsoft should do it they should contract a different company because microsoft changes stuff in games they remaster (look at halo). or even make it back compatible however i know this isnt the place to suggest that. just putting the opinion out there.

I am assuming you mean the 1 million in online credits achievement. This achievement is still possible to get. With the loss of your game save yes you will need to start from 0. Its also 1 million from only online career races, single player doesn’t count towards it. It does require at least 2 people to start these races to get credits for it.

I’m happy to help out just send me a message on live. Same GT as username on forums.