A question..

Hey guys!

Just wondering if there’s a way to test a mile run with time and speed? I participated in a drag race created by another gamer which was at the air strip, had our run times at the end of the race.

I know there’s a camera there, I need to know the times for a mile run also.

Sorry for being a noob, got the XB1 4 days ago! =]

Theirs no timed runs for drag racing unless you go into freeroam and set up an event at the airport. If you’re online with a mate just set up a private session if you don’t want others joining you, as regards the camera showing up you have to upgrade your yarra valley tent if I remember right… Level 4 I think.

Sorry not had enough sleep

Rivals you can race anytrack, the dragstrip is in outback , there you can test and tune till the cows come home with no interference.

Go to rivals from the main menu, then festival routes, outback and scroll to the right, the drag strip is in there.

It’s locked. How can I open it?!

you may need to complete more of the campaign to unlock new features.

Yeah I agree, I’m playing campaign mode more often.

I have a question too, but i didn’t know where to post this. Anyway, when the devs were making this game, why didn’t they think to put more 4 wheel drives into this game? eg. nissan patrol, 60 series toyota landcruiser, toyota troopcarrier etc? It just seems like such an oversight and its very annoying that they didn’t consider more of those cars to be in the game. Considering its in australia, its kind of an insult.

To each their own.

I would have been more insulted if Fords and Holdens had been left out.

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Im a bit insulted as an aussie that the big 3 has been reduced to the big 2 and further reduced to just holden as the fords are classed as american cars…
Hopefully the E49 makes an appearance soon.

You can shift the blame on licensing issues.