A question to people who've got all of the most expensive cars

How did you manage to get those? There are approximately 20 cars that cost 5 millions or more. I think you need about 150 millions to buy all of them. Did you simply buy all of them with tons of CR or were you really lucky to get some from wheelspins, or bought some for lower prices in the auction house? So far I’ve got a 10 millions Alfa Romeo and a 5+ millions F1 GTR from wheelspins.

Won some through wheelspins and bought the rest at the auction house. You can get most 10M cars for 2-4M. There is no need to buy a 10M car at the autoshow.


This, I’ve gotten some of them for just over a million in the AH

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I’m on prestige 3, I’ve probably bought less than 5 keepers from the autoshow and I have about half of the legendary cars from wheelspins. I have bought a lot of nissan fairladys for the credit perk but they get scrapped

There are plenty of cars without needing to buy any and I look know I can buy them at any time of they are in the autoshow so no benefit in buying them now.

I also have well over 100m credits from grinding highway and Goliath + maximizing wheelspins so while I could buy them all, still dont see the point.

I bought them all with cash earned in the Auction House by buying cars, and selling them for more. I bought all the houses first, then all the best cars. You can make so much in the auction house that when I bought Edinburgh castle I was down to my last penny, but had two cars in the auction that both sold for 5 Million, so 2 minutes after I bought Edinburgh Castle I had 10 million again. I am not a legendary seller either, I am a regular player with regular sales prices.

150 millions? not even close

You need around 275 millions to buy all cars from game

and why i know ? because i done already, complete this “task” in december, i have all cars from game, bought everything without action house, not a single one

all cars I have actually mine for real(first owner status), including all reward cars after more than 2500 spins…

about 10 million cars, 3-4(don’t remenber correctly) of them came from wheelspin, so it’s not impossible to win a expensive car

you need just lucky

I was talking about cars that cost 5 millions or more, not all cars. Anyway, with a custom route created using the route creater I can make about 6 millions within 100 minutes so it shouldn’t be too long before I can afford all of the most expensive cars.

I think I’ve only bought 2 of the expensive cars, I got lucky and won the Bentley 8 litre from a wheelspin.

90℅ auction house at a time where lots of people played the game. I had after 2 months nearly every car without any cheating. But at that time a lot people cheat and sell them the cars in guess.
So I never played more than 2 millions. I bought a lot 911 turbos and sell them with 150k plus. But that’s no cheating because I must earn the skill points and it’s a way you can earn money.
So auction house and grinding skill points.

Longer races (which grant more credits), popular paints, some lucky spins and the AH.
Still have 80 millions to buy… I don’t know what to buy anymore ahah.

Auction house. Most players strictly focus on the new “in style” hypercars, so all the old school expensive cars go for extremely cheap on the auction.

Not speaking of expensive cars - I can go without most of those - speaking regarding rare/elusive cars. Is there any “tricks” or habits to the Wheelspins ?? Unless I’ve not spun enough - the Crown Victoria is still elusive to me :unamused::man_shrugging:t3:
I’ve got an Ohio Sheriff design from Forza 4 I’ve been itchin to replicate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think they will, and should, make all wheelspin exclusive cars obtainable through other means eventually.

As for the 10 million CR autoshow cars … if you don’t buy any of those in the autoshow or auction house, all of those will come up in wheelspins. They will appear every 300-600 wheelspins or so (very rare), and you will get a different one every time until you get them all. After you get them all, I’m unsure if any duplicates will come up in wheelspins.

But it will work like this only if you don’t already have them in your inventory. I stumbled upon this because I was waiting to grind to pay for those until last. If you have some in inventory already, you won’t get them as regular as you would otherwise, and I’m not exactly sure how it works. It may be that if it’s your time to get a 250 GTO, for example, and you already have that, your time to get it in wheelspins may be skipped … leaving you to wait another 300-600 wheelspins or so until it’s time to get the next one. And if you have that one, it may get skipped again. I’m not sure on this, but I am sure that you’ll get them all if you don’t get them some other way.

The game giving me all the 10 million CR cars in wheelspins saved me from grinding out 130 million credits. Major help. It would have been nice if the wheelspins were explained at the beginning so that people would have known to not buy those and mess up the gift pattern.

As for the 1-8 million CR cars … the game treats this subset separately from the 10 million CR cars, but I think the same rules go for those that are gold/“legendary” (meaning all be the Maserati MC12). I did buy some of those, but not all, and every one I’ve received from a wheelspin has been one I didn’t have yet. No duplicates. The exception was that MC12, which is purple and multiples can pop up in wheelspins before all cars 1-8 million are had.

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You’ll be able to get a few from the Auction-House like myself, and many others.