A question about the FoV in this game

Although i know probably this thread will be closed because any moderator will suggest me to write directly to forzafb@microsoft.com and a simple thanks for your feedback (right? Dragnet?), and also i’m tired to see how you close threads with no reason and avoiding the possibility of discussing, threads which could have been very constructive and positive for Forza community (After all, this is a forum and you are censuring us at every moment), i have to say i have sent multiples emails about this thread to them and never had any response, and also i posted this too in Features whish list with any success.

My question is simple:

Why cannot we have a better FoV in 1st person camera or cabin view or just a posibility to manage the FoV?

As most people know this feature was shown in the e3 2016 FH3 demo, which finally wasn’t included in the final release:

Also we can notce the same with Forza Motorsport 7 e3 2017 demo:

I know is an arcade game, but honestly, 1st person view is practically uselless in this game. In fact, In few cases this view could be used with a 55" TV, when the vast majority of pc users use a monitor range that ranges between 24" and 32".

For example, maybe not all ppl have purchased Motorsport All-Star pack dlc, but i’m one who purchased it and, although i have a lots of fun with this dlc, specially when doing championships, the cabin view of these cars are just… horrible:

Audi R8 LMS Ultra:


Nismo Motul Autech GT-R:

Lambo Huracan LP 620-2 super trofeo:

And i could keep posting more cases but, i believe with these example, the issue is clear.

What is the point of this camera? The situation of this kind of view is at least impractical and useless in 80% of the cases. I mean, how am i supossed to drive with this camera view if practically 60% of the image corresponds to the dashboard and roof of the car? Seriously, this makes no sense. Is like trying to drive a car from a rear seat.

What sense does it have that we are claiming support for steering wheels since all this months if it is impossible to drive the car from within?

Will be this featured really included on FM7 or is just a suppossed featured to own buyers which finaly won’t be supported on final release?

Seriously Devs, i don’t get it why we cannot have this feature in Forza Horizon 3 when one year ago we saw this feature as possible. If you think i’m exagerating, just take a 24" monitor and do the test with any car. The view is a tunnel, and practically everything looks small and distant. I do not think having to spend 1500$ in a 55" TV was the solution just for one game.

Anyway, I just hope that if you are going to close the post, at least do not censor the content of it, since I am not violating any code of conduct.

Thank you.

I don’t really use in car view very much but even I can see there’s a problem.

Mostly though I’m only posting because I have to agree with you on the topic of threads being closed by Dragnet.

Do the moderators of this forum have anything to do with T10 or PG?
I ask this as none of the moderators on this site seem to have any answers to any of the questions asked, they just get told to email forza and have there thread locked.

I know I’m pretty new on this forum but as far as I can tell it’s the mods that are the toxic ones in this site, I say get some new moderators in and get rid of dragnet and the other ones that don’t want to provide any useful information or communicate with the forum members.

Yeah I understand threads being locked when the whole post is basically profanity or when it’s a question that has been asked a million times but instead of posting a helpful answer in the thread you guys just lock the thread and say go [Mod Edit - Profanity removed, user banned - D] yourselfs.

I love forza but seriously the mods on here suck.


Wow, I’m surprised this thread didn’t get locked already after that last reply from ReZoak! Welcome to the forums bud!

As for the OP, he does have genuine concerns. The FOV felt just right in Horizon 2 and FM5. Then FM6 zoomed everything out and made the FOV really wide - there’s obviously less detail on cars and tracks in FM6, so they probably thought zooming out the FOV a bit might hide the ugliness. I have stopped using the cockpit view altogether because 90% of the time, I do not play games sitting 4 feet away from the screen. Even then, as the OP pointed out, it is completely weird and has little connection with an actual driver’s perspective. Why is it that you see almost the entire dash in your FOV as if you’re looking down the dash through a GoPro camera? It’s the same in the other first person views actually - everything looks small and zoomed out - it gets smaller the faster you go!

Do this test - look at where the road and horizon meet in both FH3 and FM6. You will notice that nearly 70% of the screen is occupied by the view of the road. This goes to show that the FOV is just plain wrong. As a result, driving can feel disconnected - almost as if you’re driving around a miniature gold course rather than a real track where you feel you’re ON the track and IN the race, know what I mean?

@Gruz64, I know this is pretty annoying, but they clearly said at the H3 reveal that this zoomed in dash view is only for the demo and will not make it in the final versions. As for FM7, they will actually include the zoomed in dash-only view in the final game. But that doesn’t fix the FOV. Most of us don’t game on huge screens and sit really close, so I hope they will address the FOV issues. I really do not like the zoomed out GoPro look.