A question about the Community Survey

I just got this message from the forza team in FH4 letting me know I can join a community survey at aka ms/ForzaCommunity, … I tried to look for it with a search engine, but I can’t find it. I just keep ending up at other forza pages and microsoft sites, but no wheres a survey for the forza community. Can anyone please let me know where I can find it?

Probably the same as the one a few weeks back.

This is survey is more related to Forza, than previous one.

I just typed aka.ms/ForzaCommunity in page adress and it opened.

Yes that’s more Forza related.

Thanks. :wink:

Forza: “please tell us what you think”

Community: “we want the connection problems sorted out”

Forza: fingers in ears.

I couldn’t sign in to it either - i wondered if it was maybe because i was using a MS alternative (phnar).

However, i tried a tor browser instead and it opened right up to the survey.

I’m not clever enough to know what the reason is for that, but thought i’d post this just in case you want to try that as an alternative to help you get in…

Good luck.

:o) \m/

Completed this “Survey” and selected always worst option because it’s the Truth!
Sorry @ManteoMax there was no option to exclude YOU! Thank’s for your work!

Only one i answered Strongly Agree, PG an his communucation e feedback is very bad