A positive rant on FM7's development by T10.

Allow me a few minutes on my soap box if you will. (TL;DR at bottom)

It seems that here and at other sites the general consensus is that a lot of people are disappointed or frustrated with what’s been announced for FM7. I keep seeing no new cars, no new tracks, no new tracks, no new cars, nor new cars, no new tracks …. and so on. And all of this sentiment about a game that has not even been released yet and none of us have played at all (other than a few lucky ones who have had access to a demo at one of the recent shows). So, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what T10 has done instead of what they haven’t done.

With the consistent two-year life cycle of Forza games, we can guess pretty confidently as to how much development time there is for a new Forza game. T10 was creating and releasing new DLC and expansion content for FM6 until August of last year. While there was very likely discussion, planning and prep work done earlier for FM7 … the development time with FM7 as the primary focus of the entire T10 team has realistically only been about a single year. While all of us look for different things in the games and some of the following may not be particularly important to you specifically, all of these things were either wanted and requested by the Forza community in general or necessary given T10’s role as an in-house developer for Microsoft. So what have T10 been able to do in that year (just discussing some of what is known at this time)?

  • Game Content/Features – I’m going to combine several things here in the interest of saving space. Dynamic weather, day/night cycles, newly designed career mode (Forza Driver’s Cup), customizable drivers/driver gear (first time shown outside cars), auction house, storefront (not officially confirmed that I can tell, but I can’t imagine it not being in FM7), in-house designed body kits, etc. Obviously some of these features have been in previous Forza games, but it still takes time and effort to incorporate them into this current game’s code.
  • Development for PC – FM7 is the first Forza game developed from the ground up for PC and not just a port of a console game. T10 would have learned much and developed code and technology for the PC build by working with Apex and Horizon 3 on PC, but the inclusion of compatible code for all the various PC architectures and configurations would have taken development time and resources during FM7 development that weren’t needed during development of previous Forza games.
  • Peripheral Support – With the inclusion of a PC build, it was necessary to build, test and incorporate support for many peripherals. T10 has confirmed that this was a major undertaking and has announced support for about every make and model of peripherals on the market including more than 30 controllers and wheels. Also confirmed, significant improvements to FFB that has been a long-running request of the community.
  • 4K/HDR/60fps Assets and Optimization – With all cars (700+) and tracks now being rendered in 4K, time and resources were needed to build all these 4K assets. Very likely that some 4K assets from Apex and FH3 are being re-used, but there are only about 35 car crossovers between Apex and FM7 and about 350 car crossovers between FH3 and FM7. That still leaves about half of the cars in FM7 that need to have 4K assets built for them. In addition to 4K rendering, FM7 will run at a locked 60fps and game/code optimization was needed to ensure that it hits that target.
  • New Console Development – With T10 being an in-house Microsoft game studio, it has been their role over the years to produce Microsoft’s “showcase” game with new console rollouts. They did this before in 2013 with FM5 and the XBox One and are doing it again this year with FM7 and the One X. Being that in-house development team and very likely being the primary test bed for the One X developers, time and resources would also have been required to work with the One X team from time to time. In addition, the dev kit for the One X was not unveiled until April of this year, meaning that T10 would not have had access to that particular dev kit during the full development time of FM7.
  • Multiple Platform Optimization – With Microsoft’s expanding family of XBox One consoles, for the first time, T10 has had to develop and optimize a new game with 4 platforms in mind (original One, One S, One X and PC). They have had to optimize code for these different platforms that all make use of different hardware and architectures.

My personal view is that there was a lot of work to be done in a short period of time given all of the unique, first-time development of technologies and features required for this game. Technologies and features that in the grand scheme of things are as important if not more so than adding more new cars and new tracks with this iteration of the game. Given two more years to develop content on the current gen of platforms, I would expect more new car/track content with the next game than we are seeing with this one. I plan on giving the game a chance and actually playing it some with all that they have actually done with this game before making up my mind on how much I enjoy it or am satisfied with it.

TL;DR - T10 had a lot of work to do in a short period of time during development of FM7. Much of which is likely more important in the grand scheme of things than new cars and new tracks. Give the game a chance once you play it before making up your mind about it based on car and track lists.


Very nice article Wildcat.

I have to agree with this. Also as someone who played forza on the 360, then stopped playing xbox altogether until I was recently gifted one, I am excited to play many of the cars and tracks which are still new to me (even though I have acquired and been playing FH3, FM5, and FM6 already). Also I know it doesn’t add much to gameplay but I am excited for the cool racing suits.

Most of your bullet points are simply development costs, not $60 worth of new product. Its up to the seller to convince the buyer and if the forums are unconvinced thats on the seller. .

Edit:After re-reading your post you do bring up some good points, cheers


I think you’re confused. This is not a new product at all, it’s the 7th version of a game in succession. You don’t get $60 of new game content you get $60 of game number 7 in the series. Worth it to you? Sounds like not. Not sure why you’re spending time on this forum for a game you’re not going to buy then.

This will be their best selling Forza understanding that a big portion of that will be the PC sales. Regardless, this is going to be a monster hit for them. The handful of grumpy people on this forum do not at all describe the entire Forza racing community by even a small percentage. There are literally millions of people that never are on this forum that are enjoying all versions of past games and are going to happy with this one as well.

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Jesus man you’re the perfect example of trying too hard. If a fan/customer isn’t satisfied with a product obviously the official forums is where they’ll go to express that. That fact that you don’t like it is irrelevant, don’t be so daft.


Not sure what you mean by trying too hard. I’m simply stating facts, you could do the same as well. It has nothing to do with whether I think it’s irrelevant or not.

Its quite clear that you have an emotional attachment, as you started your reply to me with… Jesus man. Instead of here are some pieces of factual information to compare.

I suppose we’re different kinds of people. I like to look at facts and some people like to look at the way things make them feel.

Similar to quantitative vs. qualitative research. Both have their places.

Uh oh… a thought based on reality. Most will not be able to follow. Like everything that happens, when you are someone on the outside it all seems so simple. But when you stop for just a minute to truely think, it is much more complex and time consuming. The gaming industry works very hard to provide us with endless unmatchable entertainment. You cannot come close to the value of time vs money that gaming provides. Compare it to anything: movies, amusement parks, mini-golf, a real arcade, you name it. The only other thing that is in the same ballpark is music. And hey what do you know… that is much more difficult to produce than anyone not involved assumes (I used to produce early EDM).

Is it perfect and offers 100% of everything to everyone. No, and nothing in this universe ever will. Time to get over it, those of you that are still whining, and enjoy what you’re getting for your $60, or go elsewhere. I don’t stand outside McDonald’s complaining about how their food is junk, they haven’t changed their menu enough, and they don’t offer nachos. I simply don’t eat there.

For me, no need to “give it a chance”. I’m completely certain it will be a terrific product and easily the best Forza title yet. It has the most tracks, the most cars, 400% the resolution, and a bunch of new features as mentioned in the OP. Seems like a steal compared to many other recurring gaming offerings this last few years.


I would have spent 60 bucks also for FM6 if it was play anywhere to play with my friends who only have pc…

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This is simply FM6 + 700 cars and no new tracks! I dont want to drive tracks that are basically from FM5. I think this game gets old very quickly without new tracks. Those things mentioned above in the article dont change my point of view.


This statement is 100% not true. Just because it’s not what you want does not make it a reality.

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Good write-up.

As sad as it may sound, I think FM7 is basically the game that will set up T10 to do other stuff. Seems more and more like this is an infrastructure game. With continued updates to FM6, a version of FM6 hitting PC, and features in FH3, you could see where FM7 was going to be. This gives me some hope of continued develop and upgrades in the next year similar to FM6.

Flat out, the new console and emphasis on 4k, and PC cross platform play hurt FM7 in terms of adding every bell and whistle you can think of. Dynamic weather was an obvious next step and an updated career seemed likely too.

We may be at the point where T10 can create a deep game if FM7 functions well. I mean after you have graphics, physics, cross play and such figured out which appears to be the case, the next step is adding lots and lots of features.

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I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it does make sense. Hopefully you’re right and we’ll reap the rewards on Horizon 4 and Motorsport 8.

that was written on every " new " fm , especially from fm5… we hoped fm6 will be the best … with fm6 we hoped fm7 will be … now with fm7 we hope for fm8…

you see the point ?


Indeed you’re correct. However given what is in FM7, what big major thing needs to be done?

I’m sure graphics will always be tweaked and more cars and tracks added, but what is the next big idea?

At this point all I can figure out is more features and more variety in things to do.

Let’s start with fixing multiplayer. Corner cutters and wreckers are the reason I’m hesitant to get this game. And no, a private league is not for me. I don’t know my work schedule more that 3 days out and can’t commit to start times with people around the world.

I want to stick with forza. I really do. So people who say “leave the forum” are way off base and frustrating.


There’s a new system in regards to that issue in FM7. Not sure how good it is, but on paper something was done.

If it stinks, ok. But they did work on it.

Like I’m saying, they’ve got just about everything covered outside of CPLs, overall boards, storefront (Not confirmed), gifting, and clubs (Not confirmed). Let’s not forget the club feature was a mess in FM4 in terms of sharing and ranking teams.

there was features in previous forza that was perfect , like the club, like the " send " to a friend the design ( all the old players from fm2 i think they remember the paint/designers teams, the same liveryes used by team members, was a huge thing at that times! ) , the pubblic lobbyes opened by players with the one that opened was the owner of the room and can kick who deserve it… was features that was perfect and with no real reason removed from the series

i think the " disappointment " in the forza series is almost about those things that was good in previous edition removed with no reason and new features that it seems nobody have been asked for…


Well in FM7 both clubs and the auction house is coming back which is great and that was definitely a huge drawback in FM5 and 6. As for the lobbies I personally enjoyed the way FM4 did it best with both private and public lobbies. Back when servers were private servers only (I have been around since FM2), it was way too long to find a game and instead of crashers we had sore losers that kicked people out for no reason (lobby host). Then came the implementation of a voting system where false reports were used to cover up one’s own actions caused legitimate players to get kicked. Now that PC is in the mix we also run the risk of CD key changers which allow crashers to not get kicked, whether the lobby is a private dedicated server or not. FM4 offered public lobbies which were quick and effective for finding a game and they also had dedicated servers which allowed for more player control on the players in the lobby. That being said sure there isn’t many new cars or tracks however, Turn 10 listens to its customers. The proof? Read the car wish lists. How many requests are there to bring back cars from previous Forza titles or tracks from previous Forza titles? The majority of comments are just that. T10 has brought many new features as mentioned by the OP of this thread. If you feel you want more new cars voice your opinion out, but you also have to understand that there is a large base to appeal to and that many people have asked for reimplementation of many features, cars and tracks from previous titles; so much so that there is a huge emphasis on this title about the return of said cars, tracks and features.