A Plea to Bring Back "The Voting System" for Online Adventures

Coming from Forza Horizon 3 and the ability to vote collectively mid session the next class for racing, I feel this was the most appropriate way of keeping lobbies flowing without disruption.

In Forza Horizon 4, I find a lot of drivers not sticking in sessions for very long unless the lobby is competitive or they’re in a group together playing as a convoy. Don’t get me wrong I think Custom Adventure has made a huge difference and I’m much happier with the game, but the voting element for class would give lobbies more of a community feel and allow players to have peace of mind knowing there’s another chance to vote for their class “without” having to back out and rejoin.

In my experience being online it seems a lot of players simply run a session for 2 or 3 championships and then resort to backing out to run a different class which is making lobbies “die very quickly”, just a thought to be had Playground.



yeah, the voting system in fh3 was a good idea, idk why they ripped it off :frowning:


What do you need voting for? If you want to drive S2 and S1 road all the time you can play custom adventures. Let us who likes variety have that in the non-custom features.

A voting system would be good to avoid modes that have RNG-Rush in it.

Squryl concurs. :+1: