A plan to solve rammers in drift games

Ramming in drift lobbies from formula one cars especially is a big issue as far as just ruining the game for others.

However making the public lobbies with no collisions would kill off tandeming so isnt really the solution.

My base idea here is what about a set number of collisions permitted before you are forced to be a ghost. Previously in the paying costs for vehicle damage thread i noted that it would be hard for the game to establish who was at fault in an accident etc.

frankly im sick of having tandem trains ruined/im battling for first on points for 6 minutes back and forth with another pro and some troll comes and takes me out.

So far i have these options:

5 hits and you are ghost for the rest of the race.

Let me select if i want to be ghost for the race or not. perhaps you choose a style at the start much like picking a team in a FPS… ie… i want to be a points drifter. im ghosted. tandem class isnt and are scored based on proximity and time?

Ghost kicked in as soon as you stop scoring points ie go over angle or lose control. so often im hit by people who have lost control on exit and are spinning out of control and simply cant be avoided and ive put 40,000 points down the drain and lost the event as a result.

Keen to see what ideas you guys have on this following the same train of thought.

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I think it s a good idea, and not just for drifting leagues, but even on the regular racing leagues, although the number of bumps or crashes may need to be different in each league.

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This is just part of the game. If it’s not someone intentionally ramming you but drifting with you, losing control, and taking you out with them is something that can happen.

The question that arises from ghosting people after x-amount of collisions it if it will really help. Those who clearly want to race or join drift lobbies just to ram people will adapt. If you ghost players after 3 collisions they will join the lobby, gather their 3 collisions then leave and jump into another lobby. Then again, this might be enough to either deter them or let you enjoy your drifting.

3 collisions and they leave sounds great…

they will come in. hit 3 people. get ghosted… that beats some dick in an f1 car ramming people over 50 times. if they then leave the lobby they will be waiting for that one to start and after 3 hits they yet again cant do anything. it would put them off being rammers really quick.

A few ideas ive had…

Instead of loosing all your points when contact is made, just have it cash in the points earned so far. On some tracks I can chain every corner but find myself pausing to “cash in” points before someone wrecks me.

I mentioned this one in another thread… Be able to earn points drifting the track backwards/reverse while ghosted. That way you can still be competitive but not worry about contact.

My favorite option though would be to just have a ghost button that allows you to go invisible when ever you want. This would work well in all racing hoppers.

Another (more complicated) idea would be to impliment some type of proximity sensor that ghost you out when extreme contact is about to be made. Sort of like new cars and their auto braking sensors. If im going 30-50mph and someone behind me is going 100+mph then ghost them or me out right before contact. However, if two cars are going about the same speed then dont ghost anyone out so tandems would still be possible. This could also be helpful for when someone spins out or messes up with a pack behind them. They would just ghost out if an eminent high speed collision was detected, instead of waiting till they come to a full stop.

Or just ban F1 cars from drift hoppers like limos/suvs were banned in other multiplayer hoppers. Won’t cut down on all rammers but would still help a lot.

I think the entire game needs collision detection and penalties, but if they haven’t done it after ten years it’s probably.not ever happening. The issue of blame always comes up. Personally, I would lean towards the person at the rear taking the blame. The main excuse given for this being a bad idea is the trolls will just brake early and hard to force penalties. I don’t see this being anything like that big of an issue. Generally, I honestly don’t think trolls are that big of an issue, I think it’s people braking late or trying to outbreak others and getting it wrong, or just poor skill. It way harder to avoid an incoming missile from the rear than it is to avoid someone braking in clear view in front of you. Add in impact detection, where collisions are only penalised if the actual impact is over a certain strength, and I think it would work well.

This system would be quite as good for drifters, this little taps that spin you when cornering don’t need to be hard at all, especially if like me you race with no traction, ABS, or STM. Still, if there is a collision, and the person ahead loses control, then the person behind should be warned, and then penalised after a set number of warnings. Multiple tap collisions in quick succession should ramp up the penalties.

Personally, although these systems may not be perfect, I think they would be a massive improvement over what is currently in place, i.e, nothing. I don’t see the implementation being as impossible as the debs would make it seem, and I don’t think penalising drivers that are just bad is unfair if they continuously make the same mistakes. Currently, the game mechanics promote success through bad driving massively more than they deterre from it, which after a decade I think is pretty darn poor for a game that likes to think of itself as the premier racing sim game on console.

There is a collision detection (even major/minor) @ person posting above me -

I am all for this, though not a drifter and the specifics do apply to my game play-but perhaps T10 can experiment see if this helps here in this group and then take what’s learned and apply to whole game.

Personally I’m done with the the “wreckers” will adapt argument. Please make them adapt and give us some modicum of attempted improvement in this area. There needs to be a change as public MP is really avoided- and it’s ultimately the reason for racing in the first place. How do I stack up against these other persons.

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