A more rewarding and immersive progression system for the next game

To provide for the variety of players in the community of FH, I propose two game modes for the following FH6

Sandbox (or endless): plays similarly to the current game but without the story. The focus is placed on you being free to buy the cars that you want, explore the map and complete races.

Story: introduces a sense of progression, player starts with a basic car and works their way up through the ranks. Emphasis is placed on immersion, with functionality like map markers being completely optional (you have to find your own way to each event from the directions given to you from the satnav or NPCs).

Events appear physically as start/finish lines which are still under construction or a car meet on the side of the road. Once you arrive, you are sent into short cutscene (wherein the game can load the race in the background).

Major story events, like rivals races can have story-based cutscenes where you and your rival trash talk before getting into their cars and minor events where the range of NPCs (or players for multiplayer) walk around admiring each others cars (like you would at a typical car meet).

This could make the game much more organic and enjoyable to play while not alienating the players who just want a racing sandbox. The more organic car meets and ability to make map markers optional improves the ability to explore the game (rather than having the game hand-hold you from point to point) and reduces the open-world fatigue.