A little tuning help?

Hey guys. I’m trying to tune the RX-7 GSL-SE. I’ve followed the “Drift Tuning Guide” with all the things about setting the suspension based on the weight distribution, etc etc. I still can’t get it to drift well, no matter what I do. It always snap oversteers and it either won’t hold a drift, or the back end will come around and just spin me out. I suspect the problem may be weight, but I’m not 100% sure.

Am using Elite controller, Smooth setting on both sticks.


I’d recommend tuning your rear springs stiffer than your front, and lowering the front-rear gap between you suspension rebound/bump stiffness values. Also take a look at your gear ratios, try to stay higher up in the rpm so you aren’t catching traction when you don’t need to be. I’ll also put up my tune for the same car if you want an example.

If you do this you’re only going to exacerbate the twitchiness issue. I’ll use track cars for an example: when you want to get rid of understeer and increase responsiveness, you stiffen the rear suspension and loosen the front. This will affect how the weight of the car behaves and in essence put more pressure on the front of the car, making the front end bite harder. Now take this in our application: if your car is already unstable, adding responsiveness will make it even more so. Most drift cars (aside from some exceptions like MR vehicles) should be tuned with some understeer (front stiffer than rear), it makes them more stable, easier to control and if tuned properly, will be able to maintain more angle than cars with oversteer. If you’re interested, I’ve got a tutorial series up on youtube (with an episode on tuning) along with several videos of me tuning cars for different styles. A common theme, regardless of what I’m driving, is the orientation of my suspension tuning.

Here’s the tutorial video and you can also see others where I tune different cars

Let me know if you've got any questions

Thank you! I will definitely hit up that video series.

The main issues I’m having are massive oversteer and then massive understeer. I even left the front tire width at 185, rear at 255 (I think that’s the rear size) and with -5 degrees of front camber it still would not hold a drift AT ALL. Even going full front camber and jelly tune didn’t work, only made it worse as steering was numb. I’ve had the same issue in Forza 5(same car) but I’ve given up on 5 as I don’t like its physics.

It’s not me either, I’ve been drifting since Forza 4 and I’ve done more comps, tandems and group sessions than I can remember. Always been an rotary fan, the old FC was my favorite back in the 4 days.

Are you using normal or sim steering? Sim steering and drifting dont mix very well on the controller. It can be done, but it takes a lot more patience and time to get used to it.

I’ve been using normal steering.

Here is how I base tune my cars…

  • 25.0 & 25.0 Tire Pressure

  • Generally I will use - 2.5-2 front camber and .5 rear camber so you still have a decent amount of front grip. No front/rear toe and 7.0 caster for the most responsiveness

  • If you are still getting used to the game, use sport anti roll bars…you’ll thank me later.

  • Tune your suspension with a 50 lbs difference from each other with the front stiffer than the rear.

  • Dampening is tricky but try 8 | 6.5 and 4.0 | 3.2 for rebound/bump stiffness as a starting point.

  • Braking and diff settings are pretty interchangeable.

Try to keep your steering inputs as smooth as possible to get the best results. Good luck

Thank you! I’m not a complete n00b, but I’ll try what you say and see what happens.

Using wider front tires should actually help you. More grip is usually a good thing. Also, that much negative camber can make your alignment do strange things mid turn, I’d dial it down to around 3. I’ll try tuning one and see what I can do.

I’d really recommend using the FD. The GSL’s stock engine is too weak and the 4 rotor is way too much for it. The FD has a better engine and that makes it much easier to drift. Try that one and see if it’s an improvement.

I’ve already tuned 4 different FD’s for different purposes.

Hmmmm… okay. I’ll share the tune as soon as I get the chance and see if it’s any different than yours