A little sad

Many thanks for only rewarding season pass owners :frowning: Still a nice gesture all the same, thank you. However from a ‘nearly vetran’ it still feels like the soul of the game has been removed. Yeah sure it looks pretty, but thats NOT the be all and end all of a game. Ive just playing a MMOG (i thinks its called!) where GFX are almost ancient as its only browser based but it has millions playing.!!
Maybe its simple things such as SF not this flawed sharefront. Maybe its even simpler things such as DISTANCE meter and proper split times. I for one are not THAT bothered by lack of cars, theyll come, but options in private lobbies need sorting, and more tracks…you must have got the message by now guys? Paint shop brilliant, but suggested paints when you buy a new car…FFS really!!! Some spotty teenager makes it matt black or chrome and sticks a few std vinyls on, gets a few mates to DL it and suddenly it on the list as ‘popular’.

Bring back the soul of the game that weve grown up with and supported for years with our time, money and LOYALTY. Worries me that i turned on FM3 and FM4 nearly everyday and i can go a week + without playing 5 :frowning: sad times

Sorry for the gripe but cmon lads - keep the No1 spot

Turn that frown upside-down and let a smile be your umbrella.

Then share your thoughts in any of the number of previous threads covering these same issues or contact the developer directly at forzafb@microsoft.com with your concerns.

Have a nice day.