A little disappointed with "fast travel"

I was sweating pretty had to earn 15 points to unlock fast travel… only to find out u have to pay to use it :frowning:

10,000 credits is not a lot, and you can smash fast travel billboards to get it down to 0cr.

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Indeed each Fast Travel Board found and Smashed will save you 200 CR find them all and Fast travel is free…

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Travel fast billboards?

Down to 0cr permanently?

That’s how it works

The skill points unlock the ability to fast travel ( not for free)
But to do it for free you need to smash all the fast travel billboards…and it’s permanently free


I must admit I did pay real cash for the treasure map, then first thing I did with it was smash all the fast travel boards… I mean, the treasure map itself is very cheap on Xbox Live, and the driving aspect of the game is a lot more fun than the treasure hunting. It does make Drone Mode a tad less useful, though.

Ya I did the same. It was like $2 I think.

I am still paying like 2000 for each fast travel, but it is fine for me.
I still plan to buy the treasure map once I have completed all main game championships (this is to motivate me to complete them ;))

You will soon have so much money that it shouldn’t be an issue!

I got the map and found every board, every one but 1

On a roof, of a shed! I tried to jump there with a baggie, I tried Lamborghini…nothing can get there!

Aussie style 73 Escort dumped with every option available. Not only will u take out the board but probably land somewhere near Byron Bay for the next round.

Look at the orientation of the board. That gives you a hint on which direction you have to be moving to make the jump. You usually should aim to hit them square.


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Use a lite buggy like the ariel atom or similar
Hit the mound at the right angle and don’t be shy to use rewind

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Hmmm that’s what I did, there’s only one scoop / mound there, I reverse backwards then accelerate towards the sign, my car doesn’t even jump a bit , I hit the barn wall!

I guess I can try again…

If not, 200 credits to fast travel is nothing

Maybe you need a longer run up and a lighter and faster car

First thing new peeps should do is drive the roads looking for boards. You will save a ton that can be used for other things plus learn the roads for the races.

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