a journey round the ring forza 1-5

Its come a long way

Very nice work. Its crazy to see how washed out and gray it was in FM4.

Agreed it almost looks black and white

Oh and the tyres noise in forza 1 painful

Yeah, those tire noises on FM1 are dreadfully. Still loved the game back in 2005 though.

It most certainly has.

Very nice, excellent post.

And look how good Forza 1 still looks and that was 9 years ago, it would be nice to see the 5 of them in the same shot to see the progression side by side

Still think the car audio sounded best in FM4,FM5 is more muted and not as raw! Just my op.

Gotta get a FM1 vs FM5 Bathurst video next…

Heh. Bathurst wannabe versus the real deal. Maybe I’ll post up that one this afternoon.

I meant it sarcastically TBH. But it kinda makes me laugh when T10 advertises Bathurst as a ‘brand new to Forza’ track when all the way back in FM1 we had a parody of it. Well, that and Drivatars. And some other stuff. Anyways…

T10 counts updated assets as “new to Forza”, like those Porsches in FM4. It’s technically correct, but not as “new” as “brand new”.

What a great post, thanks for posting this OP!

The Ring has looked good in all Forzas I think, except for FM4. Just too dry. The overcast look is something The Ring could do without. In fact, I believe a lot of tracks in FM4 were a visual downgrade from FM3.

FM4 sounds the best IMO.

That’s awesome! Forza 1 didn’t ever really grab me so I don’t think I played it enough to remember now that Nurburgring was even there. I think it got like 30-40 minutes of my time and I popped back to Gran Turismo. I almost didn’t bother with Forza 2 or a 360 until all the super rave reviews so broke down and grabbed the console, game, and the wireless wheel and was largely yanked away from Sony forever.

Got to laugh when people complain that the cars are the same when you can clearly see them evolve from blacked out windows and solid grills to semi transparent grills with a 2 texture behind them to 3d grills and 3d radiators etc . Active aero being added and zero interiors to ever evolving complex details.