A I drivers causing crashes

Why do the A I drivers cut straight across the track causing you to hit them ruining your lap?
Its like artificial dumbness not intelligence, in real road races the slower car moves out of the way when its safe to do so not in the way on purpose to get back on the racing line as if their life depended on it.

The AI cars are programmed to behave as much as possible like real drivers, if you refuse to give up your line and go around them instead of choosing to hold your line why would you assume they would drive any differently ?

Welcome to Forza Motorsport 5, where the AI is made up and skill doesn’t matter.

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It’s meant to simulate online racing. It’s actually fairly accurate, then, that 1/3 of the pack have NO CLUE what they’re doing. There’s much better racing toward the front of the pack.

Also, drivatars respond “in kind”: the cleaner YOU drive, the cleaner THEY drive.

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This isn’t a Forza issue. It’s a problem with all racing games. I can’t think of any wherein lapped traffic moves out of your way. Cars that aren’t lapped traffic are for position and aren’t going to freely surrender it.

Thank’s for your answer. Yes i know its a racing in general thing, but i was just asking why this is worse on this game than any other copy of forza. i’ve been playing forza from the beginning and this is now more like gt5 on the ps3. Also the part of cars not yielding their position was more about the multi class races where by the slower cars must give way when its safe to do so.
The ai is not like online racing at all, in some of the games i’ve played in the other drivers take you out for no reason at all and no i do not retaliate, what would be the point in that? it would be an all in smash fest.
Don’t get me wrong forza is the best racing sim out there but it seems turn 10 are going backwards not forward.
And why assume that when someone raises an issue about a game that its because the aren’t very good at it?

RotundAssassin: What skill level are you selecting for your opponents? The higher the level, the better they seem to behave and the better the competition you can have with them.