A.I. Drivatars in Career mode are Always tuned to the limits, Why??!

As I mentioned in the topic, Why drivatars are always tuned to the top of the class in career mode??
I want to race my stock cars with other stock cars in its class. This is what cars lovers want.
T10 must do an option to race against stock cars or tuned one.
I hate changing my favorite cars physics to win races.


Many many players want and like to, upgrade their cars. You can tell if a car the opposition use is upgradeed by checking out their PI number. Some if the races will be ‘spec’ level meaning the cars are stock. This was the case in FM4 but I can’t recall seeing it in FM5 yet. However there will always be rival events and monthly challenges that require you to drive a standard car.

So far as i’m aware in the real world no cars can race on circuit without the fitting of safety features such as rollcage and fire extinguisher. the race regulations set the conditions to be met. As weight loss gives free performance gains cars are often fully stripped out inside

What I want is practicing stock cars against stock cars to see how they compete in cornering, accelerations and braking capabilities. In FM5 I am playing, not racing in real life. So, safety is not needed!
We just need to see true performance on circuits.


Maybe the best way would be to get together with some other like-minded players and race online. Theres threads below you could check out for other players.

I was just trying to point out that racing cars totally stock doesn’t happen on closed circuits. I understand exactly what you want. good luck finding what you want!

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Thanks a lot.
I know about availability of racing against stock cars online. But forcing us to tune our favorite cars and lose their real taste in all career mode races is so frustrating. I hope T10 fix this soon.

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Who is forcing you to change? Are you interested in working with the car as they are or more interested in winning? Can’t have it both ways and you can’t expect T10 to take the individual desires of all of us and make them reality in the game. It would be way too costly and the end user cost would be prohibitive to most.

So why would T10 do this when there is such a simple alternative and that is to race with others who want the same thing. Especially since this is a “racing” game. I am not sure there are a ton of races in the real world that use only completely pure and stock cars with no work done to them. even simple things like adjusting the camber.

And as you stated this is a game, not real life, so getting wrapped around the axle of the desire to have a pure car experience doesn’t make a ton of sense.

What evidence is there that a car in B class that has a different air intake than what is offered for that car stock in B class, isn’t the car that acts more like the real thing? The point being maybe mild upgrades or full on upgrades really is closer or as close as one can get in a game.

Ultimately it seems like if you were primarily interested in the stock performance of a car and how it handles on the track I suggest you take advantage of the rivals mode. I have a similar interest except I like to see how different mods affect a car and the best way to really experience that (as far as a game goes) is to do rivals mode.

I have had good luck racing my stock cars in Free Play. When I leave the car class as “any” it will put in 1-2 classes of cars but all the point totals are within 60 pts or so and look to be “stock” to me. I usually feel competitive vs the field in these Free Play races.

And you’re right, it is interesting to see how the cars compare to one another on the track at these “stock” build levels. They’re mostly all apples and oranges since there’s no way to specify other than class and drive type. But I’m not as concerned about racing my stock '99 Viper against 15 other stock '99 Vipers, more interested in racing it against 15 others the AI has estimated will be competitive with a mid-B’s car.

An option to do “stock cars with track rules” would be interesting. I think Free Play sort of accommodates that. A stock '99 Viper at 561 gets me cars at B521-B581, avg 542 for a field. If I put in a cage, do a sport weight reduction, and add street tire compound, my Viper is at 592 and gets me cars at B550-A609, avg 588 for a field.

Free Play races “pay” me credits for laps run and podium placement, but AFIK do not add to medal counts for gamer point achievement purposes.

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This is helpful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Another option is to go into Multiplayer, add AI + specify exactly the car(s) you would like to race. Only down side is that you’ll be racing random Drivatars instead of your friends.

You can also make a challenge of beating Drivatars using car with lower PI. Beating Drivatars at identical PI is not much of a challenge.

There’s always Free Play. The AI doesn’t upgrade their cars in Free Play. So you can pick a car (which sets the class for the AI too), pick a track, and set how many laps you want.

I too wish there was an option for AI car upgrades. Not just to turn it off in career mode (which was an option in FM4), but also to turn them on in private lobbies and Free Play.

Yep, in FM4 it was an option to drive against upgraded AI cars. Too bad that option wasn’t included in FM5.

I’ve found them to actually be tuned over the limit. A good example is in the modern sports car series and hop in a '13 Shelby GT500. The car is at max class in stock trim and there’s only a handful of addons you can do with it. Now go race a track with nice long straights and try to match speed with another '13 GT500. Same can be done in the ZL1 as well.