A huge thanks to Playground Games

I don’t know who had this wonderfull idea to stop to penalize team’s leavers in ranked team adventure, but he had for sure the idea of the century;
Continue like that, you’re on the right way.

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I suspect the change was intended for the trial and no one thought it would also affect ranked - or if they did failed to appreciate how ridiculous it was. This should obviously be changed back as soon as possible. The clip is a great example of why it’s totally unfair.

Also for unranked! the guy on the last place AND in a team that is losing is more likely to ragequit, turning the tables for the winning team if they have an advantage of 100 or 50 points

It’s more than 50-100 points - if it’s a full 6 on 6 event and the player in last drops out then it’s a 600 point swing. If a team is in positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 (ie beating each of their direct rivals) then the score moves from 2,150 - 1,500 to 1,550 - 1,500. In that scenario you hang on for a narrow win but, obviously, any gap less than that would be overturned.