A Growing new group of mature Racers based out of Australia

Are you new to the game or a veteran of the game, a older driver, say 30 or older? Enjoy the game but sick of the public lobbies and all the crashing, lack of sportsmanship and the rest of the **** that goes with it? Tend to race solo? Do you tend to lose site of the rest of the group after a few turns or a laps due to the fact you still use some or all of the assists? Well we have a great growing group for you.

We are recruiting new members 30+ in age who are new and old to the game and are from Australia.
We are a growing group of racers. We number less then 70 world wide and like the the closeness that a small group brings. We have skill level guys of all types. The higher skill guys are great at teaching the new guys how to get better, by giving advice and tips if they are asked. That is what our group does, teach, compete and have fun, NO DRAMA, NO ATTITUDES, NO ONE MAKING OTHERS FEEL BAD OF THEIR LACK OF SKILL. There are some of us who use most of assists and are happy racing with them. It is all about the fun. We are currently looking for others that at this point in their race career that want to race clean and have fun but are not complete hardliners. As long as you are having fun, feeling like you are competing and are trying to race clean.

We Currently has groups based out of the US and UK and are building a new group for Australia We are older drivers most of us are 30+ in age, ( and prefer to keep it that way, interested parties in their 20’s can be added if we feel they are mature enough to fit in, no one under 20 please), and are out to have some fun. We are looking for other racers in our age and ability group to join us and hopefully get better.

SPORTSMANSHIP, Fun, and Helping each other get better is the corner stones of this group.

In the US and UK we normally have open races on Tuesday nights. Kind of a open round robin format. Tracks and car class’s are picked on the fly by call outs by the members. On Wednesday nights we have HUMP night races. These are spec car races that are set up in advance with planned cars and tracks to allow each to prepare for. We currently are doing a 4-5 week series and have 3 to 4 more series ready to roll out or being prepared. All races are thought of, planned, and tested by the members in smaller volunteer groups. We are trying to set up the same thing in Australia. On weekends we try to bring all the groups together at a covenant time for all to race in one lobby.

Everyone should feel they have a chance to win a race.

No one is out to stomp the others, we all race to win but not at the cost of knocking someone out or being a detriment to others on the track. We do not want any pub stomper’s. So check the attitudes, and drama at the door. We all compete and each of us try to win every race, no one lets up. We try to race clean and have fun and have a good time. So if you are learning, use most of the assists but still want a group to compete with this could be the group for you.

Most of us are also on other nights during the week and willing to have pick up races or help each other tune. Its a lot of fun.

Three Key things are:

  1. YOU NEED TO HAVE A WORKING MIC and be able to communicate during the race. We do call outs during the races this cuts down on a lot of the frustrating crashes.
  2. If you decide to join we have a Facebook Page that we use to communicate group information on. We strongly urge, don’t want to make necessary, you to join the page to keep up on club events. If you do not joining the Facebook Page it really hinders you.
  3. Before you can join a Wednesday night race series you must race at least one if not two nights on a Tuesday with the group to get a feel for the group and what we are all about.

So If you’re a mature solo racer looking for a group to hang with, just starting out or a veteran of racing, use most of the assists or no assists, want to race clean this could be the group for you. If interested Please go to Face Book and log into a page called " Tuesday Night Games Crew Info." On this site it will give you more information about us and what we are all about. Please then make a post on how we can get in touch with you. Leave your name and Gamer tag. Hope to see you on so we can talk. Please no pub stomper’s.

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Hi Mate, we are in Australia and myself and mate like your principles and view and would love to have an Australian series. We currently race in a series here but are always on a look out for ones with mature attitudes about fun and clean racing with average skill levels. What did you have in mind for members down under ? we are happy to host and run a branch off of your series and/ or championships. send us a message if you’d like to sort out something out, and if your interested the same mate is experienced in Livery design and Website production.

regards Will

Hey there!

Pretty new to forza have have come back to consoles after not having once since the original GT on the original PS!

Would love to race with people who are keen to have a clean race and even moreso, get faster and get tuning tips.

I’m getting pretty good at liveries so I’m happy to help out with those.

Hope to see you online!

I would be interested for sure
I’m sick of having a great lap only to ruined by some muppet who can’t deal with being over taken.
Where do I sign up !!! (Facebook I know) ;-p