A Great Painter, Shot Down

Hello. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Ryan, I am studying law in the state of Georgia, and I enjoy playing many games with friends including FM, BF, and CoD. A good friend of mine, who I know in real life, recently played Forza Motorsport 4, and came across a problem. He makes fabulous intricate designs for his cars, and recently I asked him, “Hey, could you send me a design?”. He was unaware that you could share designs. He wasn’t even aware there was a storefront. I went to his house, and upon further investigation, found his account to be banned. Oh well. I told him to wait a couple of weeks, and the “temporary ban” would go away. Then we looked at the time stamp on the message, and the so-called “temporary ban” is 2-years old. We studied the terms of service, and could not find any rules which he had violated, but that’s beside the point. I looked for any legal ways to solve the issue, and found on xbox support that there is no appeal process. This looks- in my professional opinion- illegal as it does not give the party a chance to explain themselves should they believe they have been wrongfully banned, especially since it is a service which you pay for by paying 60 dollars for the game. However, Turn 10 does give all players several chances to rectify the mistake via “temporary bans”, before they receive a permanent one. My friend did not get treated with this policy. His “temporary” ban is still going, two(2) years later. I would like to give Turn 10 the benefit of the doubt, and say that this is the result of an in game server glitch, and Turn 10 will gladly rectify this mishap. Otherwise, I may have to advise my friend to get an attorney, as the $199+$60 for a new XBOX and profile, not to mention the time lost in progress for his other games, is too high of price to pay for something he may or may not have done.
So Turn 10, please revive the great painter whom you have shot down… so that the whole community may begin to enjoy his designs.

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