A few complaints about the game i and many other wish to be fixed

OK admittedly i have really been enjoying this game with friends but there are some things that are very annoying that just stop this game from being any better, some of these things are glitches and some are just things that are simply annoying. lets go over them:

  1. The Saleen S5S raptor cockpit view.
    good lord have you seen how bad of a job the devs did of this cockpit view, it is literally glitched out, the camera placement is wrong, its not inline with the wheel and i can literally see inside my charterer’s head. im guessing what went through the developers head was “just slap a camera in there and pass it though, i don’t really care” it is such lazy job.

  2. Turning off music
    … why?.. why can’t i turn off music? and why, even at the lowest volume, is it loud as hell? when i start an event, it just blares so damn loud, you know im not really a fan of the music in this game, FH1 had some good songs like… umm… Arctic Monkey - R U Mine but that was pretty much it tbh XD well looking back on it anyway but. i have Spotify you know? with music that i like to listen to… like Post Malone, joji, lil peep, Drake, hell sometimes i put on some NFS Carbon music for the nostalgia. but when i have to press the windows key every time i load up a race cos all i can hear to the point of deafening is AND THERES SIX, HANDS HIGH!!! you know, kinda gets annoying. please for the love of god let me turn music off, and if you really want to be neet, you can do what Rockstar did with GTA 5 and allow me to make my own radio station with my own music that ends up in game… eh? ay? anyway.

  3. Ugly ugly ugly Shadows and reflections.
    jesus, tbh i’ve seen games from 2013 with better graphics, for example, FH1. what the hell is wrong with the shadows man? most of the time they all look pixelated. now i only have them at high which is only one away from max but you telling me the high settings only equals to 360p resolution shadows? nah bro you need to make them at least 1080p. also Reflections, now in the cockpit view and dashboard view, looking onto the hood of the car, its all pixelated, and Hood view itself, the sides of the hood are just so ugly compared to the middle of the hood, now i do have the FOV maxed out on the hood view so maybe the devs didn’t compensate for the FOV change which you, i understand, it happens. also windscreen reflections are pixelated, this is coming from me and my friend and my friend has a RTX 2080 so there should be no issue running this game is any way shape or form lul

  4. Nissan R34 engine sound. AHHHHHHH
    oh my daze this car sounds awful, bruh. ask the devs to do me a favour and watch a video on YT of a Nissan Skyline R34 and just listen to how sexy that car sounds. then tell them to go back to the drawing board and remake that noise because i would be driving that car all the time if it wasn’t for how bad that car sounded, hell even NFS underground 2 had a closer to life engine sound. there are a lot of cars in this game that need a sound fix but if there is one that needs to be done sooner than later, its the R34

  5. Ferrari 458 Rocket Bunny
    why it not here? i don’t care what people say about a body-kit for a Ferrari, as an Italian man myself i approve a wide-body for a Ferrari god damn it, bring it back, you already have the foundations in FH3 so it shouldn’t be hard and don’t BS me i do game development myself, its as easy as drag and drop… and… publish updated version but you get what im saying

  6. ok more of a personal request but… can you add Drift suspension on the Volvo Iron knight? lol cheers

  7. there are a lot of cars in this game with trash tier fitment and that is an issue because stance. please go through the cars and fix the fitment. every single car should have at least a Poke Stance so then people can tune the Camber to meet the fender properly

i put some time into this post so i hope a dev can read through this and consider these things i have listed, maybe if you can reply to it just to show you read it? that would be more assuring

cool, see ya

Thank you for your feedback.