A few bugs I've come across and other thoughts

Firstly I’d just like to say how I’m really enjoying the game so far, especially the fact we can now use the kerbs without dying lol. However there are a few issues I’ve encountered and some other things I’m not the biggest fan of… (This post is only meant to highlight things I’d like to see fixed or changed, I’m in no way bashing on the game itself as like I said I’m really enjoying it)

The Forza Edition BRZ’s wheels turn red around Prague, and when racing at any track it doesn’t appear to have wing mirrors.

When in interior view all cars with sequential gearboxes only show the upshift/downshift animation once, e.g. shifting from 1st to 2nd will show the animation, but then from 2nd through to 6th won’t, then going from 6th to 5th will, however 5th to 1st then won’t. I’m sure you get the picture.

Now again, I’m all for the new features that have been added, but there’s one that does bug me. I really like how the window wipers and rear wing move, but for me having the wing mirrors and interior mirror shake all over the place is a little ott for me personally.

Another thing that I’m sure has been mentioned by most people is the removal of class hoppers/track and class rivals. Again, and I will keep repeating this, I like the new ideas and features that have been added, but does it really mean other things, especially something as significant as this has to be removed, why can’t we have the best of both and then everyone can be happy! :slight_smile:

One last thing, and this is being petty, however you’ve made such an effort, and a good one at that, with fixing/changing kerbs, I would have loved to have seen black and white kerbs instead of red and white at Silverstone :wink:

Anyway what matters is the good outweighs these little niggles by far! And I know it seems I’m bashing on the game, but I’m honestly not, like I said I’m loving it. I just wanted to bring a few things up so the game can be even better than it already is, but either way I’m excited to continue playing :slight_smile: