A couple of questions: 1. When is preload happening. 2. Cost of DLC/ Preorder.

Hello fine folks of Forzamotorsport.net.

I had a couple of questions I was hoping you could help me with.

  1. When is the preoload starting? (When will my download start?)

  2. What is the difference in cost between buying the ultimate pass now. Or buying the standard version of the game now and upgrading later?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer me.

  1. Preload is available right now.

  2. The car pass is $24.99 which includes 6 car packs that are individually priced at $4.99. In other words you get one car pack free if you buy the car pass.

The Deluxe edition (which includes VIP $19.99 value) is $79.99, so no savings vs. buying standard and getting the VIP later. Ultimate edition (which includes VIP and the Car Pass) is $99.99, so $4.99 cheaper than buying the VIP + Car Pass later.

Thank you SamusGirl. All my questions have been answered! Thanks so much. (My friend was also wondering so you helped out two people today.) =D

If you have the FM5 VIP, there should be a $10.00 discount on the VIP for FH2 also. That applies to the deluxe, ultimate, and VIP bought separate. If you qualify, the price should be shown reduced on the X1 store pages for the relative items.