A couple of annoyances. Can these be disabled?

Every single time I enter the game for the first time I’m prompted to challenge this new hot driver who’s making a name for himself and recruit them for my line up. I’m then reminded every so often when leaving a Festival about that driver or if I spend too long in free roam it will remind me again. I’m 100% satisfied with my line up and would like to not be hounded by this anymore.

Is there a way to turn off community bucket list challenges to either show one you have created or at least the default? I have a few in my game from people who aren’t on my friend’s list and not only do I have no idea how they got there but also I’ve not found a way to rid my game of them. I understand this system is part of the game but a few of them have such ridiculous liveries or paint color combos and that is the aspect which I’m finding annoying.

Any help would be fantastic.


I have no idea how to turn off either of those things, pretty sure you cant. But i share a dislike for other peoples bucket lists as they usually set the radio station to something i dont choose to listen to and make me drive a car i wouldnt want to own. For those reasons i dont do bucket lists and wish i could turn them off.

I will stay tuned to this thread incase its possible.

What I don’t understand is that instead of recommending relevant drivers to my level (I’m in the mid 300s) I get challenges against drivatars who are level 10 and below. This annoys me so much more.



I whole-heartedly agree with this one. She is always recommending drivers that are only fractions of the worth of the ones I already have.

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