A Class FWD tuning tips

Alright, so I am a fairly decent AWD and RWD tuner. When it comes to FWD I struggle for a decent tune. I run with no assists except for ABS. Previously I have settled in B class for past Forza games, but this one I feel comfortable in A class and as such, I am finding it hard to get a FWD tune sorted. I don’t have an issue with gear tuning so the car is normally fast enough, it is more the suspension/diff kind of things where I have issues.

Would wider front/rear tyres help or cause issues? Can someone point me in the direction I should be heading?

FWD cars should always have a lower diff setting because there is no weight transfer to them, so they will slide otherwise; a good, average diff setting is 30%. To help with this, make the front of your car a bit lower than the rear, so that the weight of the engine provides consistent weight over the accelerating wheels…this gives you more reliable torque. Take ABS off and set brakes more toward the rear because if they are 50% or more toward the front, you will be understeering like a boss since you will be locking your drive-wheels, which will really undermine steering in turns. I say take ABS off because with it on, for FWD cars at high speeds, this can cause odd handling because the computer will pulsate the brakes for you and may not let you steer how you’d like. FWD makes this worse since they are your drive wheels…it would be like quickly accelerating and braking back and forth while trying to steer…you won’t know if you’re steering in a brake or accelerating environment.

Keep rear suspension on the stiff side so that the weight transfer stays over the front wheels and dampen front bump stiffness. You can keep front spring tension to low-mid stiffness.

Since you’re driving FWD, try to keep your rear sway bars soft so that your rear doesn’t bottom you out…if they’re stiff, there will be less rear body roll, and instead, the rear will swing out.

Hope this helps!

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Are you talking accel or decel diff?

From what I have seen 30% is way too low for accel and too high for decel on FWD cars.

My fault, accel diff should be around 30% for FWD cars. Rear depends on how you brake; try between 25-65%. Remember, with the braking diff, lower will be better for FWD cars because your front brakes do the most work and on turns, a lower diff setting will let the left and right wheels brake at different speeds to keep you moving. The higher your brake diff, the more your brakes will lock together, causing you to lose acceleration and steering control, especially during turns.

Thanks heaps! This was what I was after, I will give it a shot!

Sort front ARB and soft front Spring with 45% acceleration and 0% decc…if rear comes around softer rear ARB may be required. This method for the most part works for me but may not work for others (disclaimer)…lol… good luck!

i always go 100% accel on fwd it stops wheel scrabble/torque steer and higher rear springs and keep camber sensible on the front, max aero too on the front

Here’s a tip… don’t tune a fwd to a class… Unless you are talking about the touring cars…

Seriously tho. Acceleration to 90-100
DEcel as low as u can go without the car wanting to spin every time u lift.

Soft front suspension
Stiff rear to keep the weight over the front tires because they are dping all the work

Yup. Thought it was kinda odd to run fwd in A class. Everything else is good advice. I like higher decel because I want lift off oversteer but that’s just me.

Diff decel doesn’t affect acceleration if that’s what you mean by liftoff.

I’m not talking about acceleration. Not sure where you’re getting that from.

Agree with all of this except the last part. You can get FWDs lift-off oversteering like the bejeebers in FM6, so sometimes you need to stiffen up the front a little and soften the rear. You can’t always get away with the chattering rear end the way you could on FM4. I wouldn’t bother tuning to A Class either. You will find you’re overworking the front of the car and wrestling with that rather than going fast. .A lot of FWDs even struggle as power builds in B Class.

The difficulty with threads like this is everyone is different, it appears tunes differ greatly and people want the car behaving differently.

My suggestion is an open source tuning comp.

Pick a car to get up to A class and open source the tunes.

I know some do not like sharing their secrets. If so just share as much as you are happy to.

Otherwise you will have someone saying put accel on 30 and another saying 100 but at the end of the day its the whole tune that matters.


i used to run 0 decel ive been experimenting with 100/85 with no adverse effects on fwd diffs it seems to stop throwing the back around. i only run bclass on fwd a class they cant compete i find