A class 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe Drag tune available

I’ve posted a Drag tune for the car in the title. It runs 8.350 if shifted perfectly, and 8.450 consistently. Look for my GT. Supersonic X II. This is a Full Throttle launch with 3 gears using manual with clutch and no assists. If your new to drag racing this is the easiest top 200 LB tune to run I feel. If i can get the achievement for tunes being used, I will post the open source for it and share my tweaks since then that have me running 8.250, and a super high wheelie launch tune that hits 8.367 and wheelies all 3 gears. I’m not the greatest tuner ever, but I spend a lot of time on these tunes trying to make it easy to hit the best time for the tune.

Also, any feedback would be much appreciated.