A call for experienced game devs who have been with Forza since the beginning.

This may get deleted our locked, but I thought it was worth mentioning while large swaths of the community are in uproar right now.

If you have the experience needed and the understanding of what is lacking in the Forza series as of late it looks like the creative team had been sacked at turn 10. Job posting for several key creative positions have been posted this week. If you have the skill and understanding to right this ship, please apply for these positions.

If one of you land these creative director jobs, please notify the community of your success.

Make Forza great again!

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Interesting, though I would never want to live and work in Seattle and/or the US. I like my seven weeks of holidays, unlimited sick days, 13th and 14th salary, unlimited health care.

I doubt anybody got sacked, more they realized that they couldn’t handle an Xbox One + PC release with the people they had. The status of F7 speaks for itself, more bugs than any Forza before at launch, delayed content. They just weren’t ready, should’ve launched day and date with One X.

If I thought devops could impact decision making I might consider the move but I also have a pretty hard to leave situation. And yeah, I don’t know if they were fired, but I do know they appeared the same day as the announce that things were going to change around here.

I’m just frustrated that the driving keeps improving while the user experience has all but eroded into the ocean of bad decisions. Now, the thought of the all white headache inducing ui from fm5 now makes me wish that was the biggest problem again.