A bit confused about how the "SX enhancement" works when you upgrade from One-X to SX

Sorry if this topic has already been covered:

I’m now (correction) on SX but have FH5 along with a handful of xbox one games installed on my external HDD. Can I just transfer the games which got the SX patch to my SX’s internal drive and then download/apply the SX patch from the store?

Or do I need to install all the SX optimised games again from the store?

I am not 100% sure but, far as I am aware, it will need downloading again as there is not a specific patch covering just the upgrade (unlike, say, FIIFA22, which has a patch)

You can directly use you external HDD on your series X. (But you should move newer series X game to internal)
When you try to run the game. It will auto update the game to series X version. (If it dont have upgrade it can run directly)

Some upgrade patch are almost mean reinstall the full game.
Some game only have small texture patch. (alien fireteam)

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When I went from One X to Series S - I plugged in my external hd and it would constantly try and redownload the x/s upgraded games to my Series S internal drive.

Quite annoying really that - as it quickly filled up my internal drive with games I wasn’t currently playing. I ended up disconnecting the external drive as it seemed more problematic than it was worth.

Yes it take long time to upgrade one game
I think FH4 upgrade are over 60gb?

Remember you should quit any running game in quick resume list.
It lower your download speed.

Thanks a plenty for the tips, fellas. This helps and I will give it a go.

I noticed that pausing my download que seems to help launch games in general, especially if I’m trying to launch them from the external HDD.

Another thing I noticed is that when you launch a game from your external HDD, and it prompts you to apply the SX upgrade/patch, you may need to manually delete that game from your external HDD! The patch does automatically install the game to your internal SSD but you have to double-check to make there aren’t two copies of it!

For RIMS Racing e.g. it automatically deleted the one on the external HDD after I applied the patch. But Ride 4 was giving me problems launching so I checked my external HDD, deleted the extra copy there and then launched it from my internal. Smooth sailing although it did take a while to boot after I pressed the start button and it said “online access”.

I also tried to run ME Legendary Edition from my external and it did not ask to apply the SX patch like it did for Ride 4, RIMS, FH5, Hitman Trilogy, Gears 5, etc. It ran fine last night but today the game’s main menu was so stuttery and unresponsive.

I think I will either disconnect the HDD completely like one of you lads suggested or just move ALL games with the “SX” signature to the internal to play.

Thanks again for your valued feedback! :slight_smile:

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Maybe “Install here by default” setting move your game to internal?

I have some game on External USB3 SSD it can run without problem but I didnt test on newer big AAA title.

Ah, your’s is an external SSD, mine is an HDD. Yes, the default installation location was the internal SSD. So now I’m having to install all the SX-optimised games from scratch, even though I only tapped “yes” to the SX upgrade pop-up window… ! lol

Listen - do I have to pause game updates if I want the SSD to load and run games optimally? Writing and reading at the same time slows it down I suppose?

I tested more game


  1. There some Xbox one game update are still a xbox one software. It dont have X/S logo on game icon. It can run on external.
    Even the package said Xbox one - Series X title. It maybe still a xbox one software.

  2. There are xbox one game update are basically reinstall a Series X software. Like Forza horizon 4. It have X/S logo on game icon.
    It cant run on external. only storage.
    When you move a game from internal form external. It have warning message tell you it cant run.
    If the game is in external. When you run it. It tell you to move into internal.
    and this is the reason the game reinstall itself to internal.

Sorry my info isnt correct.

Thanks - I appreciate the time you took to respond!