997 GT3 RS 4.0

So it seems the RS has a few issues so I thought I’d post them all in one place and maybe I’ve missed things

  • stock Wheel painting issue, importing a design with stock painted wheels will retain them but the rear wheels revert to white on the move
    -none of the digital displays work in cockpit view
    -the car develops a chrome trim around the rear lights upon exiting the hub
  • -3.0 degrees of camber in front as stock
  • cars are listed in the AH for as much as 10million yet I can only set a maximum buyout of 614k?

Hopefully these can be resolved sometime


Yeah i dont know how people manage to set prices higher than 600k…

The more paints you sell, the higher your rating, and the higher the price you can set at auction.


What a stupid concept… So the GT3 RS 4.0 i just bought for 1 million can only be resold for 600k by me…thats absolutely stupid

I feel like the market has been ruined by people setting ridiculous prices. It has even nothing to do with the fact of how much money one owns, its just a logic thing that it doesn;t make sense to spend so much money on a car. Hopefully many people will get the upcoming Forzathon Porsches as from what I have seen they don’t require Gold to get and are not too difficult either, so they won’t have to pay those ridiculous prices.

Just because you don’t want to spend a certain amount on a certain car, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to someone else. All auction house transactions are, by nature, completely voluntary. If someone lists a car for a “ridiculous” price, it can go unsold. If someone chooses to buy it, then it obviously wasn’t ridiculous to them. When you say the market has been “ruined”, you mean it isn’t to your personal liking, but the market doesn’t revolve around your personal preferences.


I apologize for not responding, must have missed you post. Anyway, I’m not saying anywhere that the AH should be run to my liking. I have made an opinion that to me the prices are not common sense. Maybe you’re a legendary tuner/painter and make millions on it, thats great, good job. But at least legendary tuners and painters should be obligated to put their own design on the car to list the car for millions. Those legendaries should be legendary for a reason, not to sell bone stock cars with factory paint jobs. Not all people had a chance to get certain cars (I’ve missed out only on one that I wanted, the Sesto Elemento due to the fact that Gold was necessary to obtain it, but I’m not blaming anyone for that), but maybe if AH was more reasonable in some cases they would be able to obtain these cars. And not everyone has 20 mil. credits to blow on one car. As far as AH transactions being voluntary, I agree there is nothing that I’ve said that it is not voluntary, it’s jsut that I do not agree with some mechanics of the AH. Again, it is my personal opinion, I think that AH should be more reasonable with pricing and what requirements should be met to obtain higher listing prices (mandatory tune/paint from legendary status tuner/painter who made it and is selling the car), and nowhere have I wrote that it should all be to my personal preferences. All in all I hope for a more fair market for everyone in future games.

It’s a monopoly within a monopoly. The legend painters and tuners are the ones that sell things like the RX-7, 599XX, etc, for millions. At that level, they can set any car’s buyout to 20m.

It hasn’t really ruined the market tbh. The reason the cars they put up sell for such high prices is that they’re so rare. But rare only in the sense that the only people that got the cars are the ones who weren’t lazy enough to skip the challenge to get whatever car it was. The people that are ruining the experience are the people that complain about either:

A: How they don’t have enough credits to buy the car off the AH and they didn’t do the challenge in the first place.
B: How they carelessly sold the car after the challenge, then later realized how rare it was and that they could have made much much more from it (or just kept it because they are the original owner).

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I believe the OPs main point is that the discrepancy between the price most users can list and that that of painters is obnoxious. I can see them giving a 10 or maybe a 20 percent bonus but allowing painters to sell cars for 20 to 30 times what others can is insane. This is too much especially in light of the fact that you can transfer designs from older Forza games and just milk the same paint for the entire run of Forza games on a given platform, in this case the XB1.


C: Those who complete the challenge, like the car and require another for a diferent use, who are then forced to pay the ransom set by the elite to aquire it.
D: The clever people who wait until the hype is over (usually 5 days) then buy as many as you like for 600k

Rare cars get more expensive, New cars with hype get cheaper once the hype dies off…maybe they will become expensive again when stocks dry up. Thats when they are rare and worth the money.

E: Some people like me don’t have Live and they couldn’t get some cars like Sesto Elemento. I know that there is really no one to blame for that, but still, either make Forzathons like they made for this month so in order to get the Porsches you don’t need Live, or if they were more obtainable through AH without having to pay ridiculous prices. It is what it is, but in my opinion the Legendary statuses are abused for milking money for the most part (not all cases, but many of them when Legendary paints/tune sellers put a car up for few million credits and don’t even bother to change the stock paint).

all the gauges Works perfectly fine. just checked in cocpit view.
if thats what you ment by digital displays…

Are you in the right one?

Panamera has digital displays too. and it works fine. not like 997 GT3 RS 4.0

they need to lower the highest buyout price for cars in the auction house. personally i like to have more than one of the same car and put different paints on and different upgrades but i can see that this will be extremely hard as all of the forzathon Porsches are sooooooo expensive in the auction house

So, you’d rather there be a shortage of them in the AH? Because that’s what price controls / limits do. People will buy up all the cheap ones, and without the ability to set high prices, there won’t be enough incentive for anyone else to offer theirs up for sale. You’d end up sitting there, refreshing the AH over and over, hoping to snipe a cheap Porsche before someone else grabbed it. Sigh I suppose it’s too much to expect anyone to know anything about economics these days.


EDIT: Super sorry, got the wrong ctrl+v

I found out that the digital speedometer works on the dash, but it is misplaced to the right. It get’s very clear at 100+ mph. Maybe they all work, but are on the wrong place.

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Yeah, the digital gauges work but they’re misplaced inside the display. A simple correction would suffice.

The camber is not an issue. Most cars dont have enough stock.

The max buyout is higher for legendary tuners or painters.

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Well, it’s contrary to the Mercedes C63 AMG Black, where the chrome trim around the windows disappear during gameplay and only appear on photo mode and garage (and haven’t been fixed - this car is available since launch) so don’t count on the rear lights being corrected any time soon. A bigger problem (the steering wheel that doesn’t turn on the 959) is a bit more pronounced in my opinion.