990+HP cars in c class

Anyone have some advice on how to keep these things in a straight line?

I’ve been really trying to get as high on the leaderboard as I can with the LeMans tracks in C class. I think the point has come where I’m not going too much higher with a car that only goes 193mph as it can’t compete with the cars that go 229 mph. I’m at 4:13.6 and know that I could probably knock another second or two off that time, but I’m not going to get 10 seconds faster. So, I bought the Cougar, built it with the 994 HP motor and threw a basic tune on it. I can handle the car no problem at all through the turns. Its the straights that are virtually impossible for me. As soon as I hit the first straight, the car starts to drift all over the place. I try to keep it to one side like I do with my regular car, but it ends up going way off line. As soon as I try to correct it, the car just starts going back and forth from one side of the road to the other. It increasingly gets worse until it eventually goes out of control completely. I think the best I’ve done so far is keep a clean lap for ~1:30 which is pretty pitiful. The second set of straights after the turn aren’t as bad. I assume that’s because the road is better there? I wouldn’t call myself good on that part of the track, but its at least manageable.

I thought it just might be the tune I put on it, so I downloaded Worm’s tune. I saw that he put a top 20 time up in the last week or so, so I figured his tune has got to be better. Nope, same thing. I know these numbers don’t mean much, but the handling rating on the Cougar, IIRC is something like a 3.8. I know that is really low, but I drive a Camaro in D class that only has a 3.5 and I can run clean laps with it without too much of an issue. Granted, my Camaro only hits 181mph, but its controllable at any speed. I start losing control of the Cougar somewhere around 140mph or so. I’m totally baffled how some of you can not only run clean laps with these things, but post awesome times too. I can’t see how I will ever go 4 minutes or so and stay clean. Only way I can get a clean lap is to run 40 seconds slower than I do with my 193mph car. I’ve run ten laps with it and I know its pointless unless I ask for some type of help. I just can’t get the car to go in a straight line at all. Again, the turns are no issue at all for me, just the straights are an issue.

I tried the Camaro with a 994HP motor too. It’s a little more controllable, but it only gets to 205mph, so its not worth it to me. For an extra 12mph, fighting to control it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle. I didn’t even get to find out what the top speed of the Cougar is as I can’t keep it on the road that long. According to the in game stats (and the times on the leaderboard reflect this), it will hit 229 mph. To me, that’s worth it if I can ever get it to go straight.

Obviously, I’m new to this type of car and have no clue what I’m doing. I would like to learn though, so any advice at all would be appreciated.

Even though I’ve given in, I still have an issue with these cars being in the same class as sub 200mph cars. I can’t do anything about that, so its either whine about it, or learn how to drive them. I’ve chosen to learn, hopefully.

It sounds like your pushing forward on the thumbstick with a 0/100 deadzone set on steering, If that is what you are doing, then on the straights remove your thumb from the stick and just tap left/right as needed.

Also Lou, it is getting very very hard to keep track of your threads; it would be much simpler if you just stuck to one of the threads you have already opened regarding le mans, and you LB times. It makes it easier for us all to keep track off, and to give advice. You must have about 10 threads going at the moment, and all seeking advice to help you go faster on Le mans.

p.s, I need to make some changes to my Old Le mans tune for the Camaro, once I have done that I will share it and send you a PM.

The cougar should be running around 240 down the straight. The cougar is faster than the camaro but I think the camaro accelerates better.

And no there isn’t much you can do to keep it planted but hold on and try not to make jerky movements.

These cars have all power and no handling for the most part. Technically they shouldn’t be drivable and thus should be avoided. However, driver ability exceeds what’s possible for the computer and thus is a repeat of other forza’s where skill trumps what the game says is not possible to drive.

And if the turns are no issue, then you’re slowing down too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you’re saying I simply suck? Probably…

Nope. Everyone I’ve known to lap the track has had problems… even the ones at the very top. I’m just saying these things are a pain to drive fast without flipping on the straights or drifting in the corners lol. It’s easy to over brake to compensate for the crap handling, but doing that also loses time. There’s a bit of a daredevil approach needed to take the corners as quick as possible which can be difficult to do for an entire lap.

Simple these cars are a joke and should not be allowed in C class as every class should have a power to weight limit…
Try the 300 SRT or the BMW M5 or DB5 or 2002 Turbo ,easy to drive and handle and are at least a little bit realistic in a class where most people are running around 200bhp…

I couldn’t agree more. Yet, they are an option and they dominate the top of the leaderboard. Unless Turn 10 changes it for some reason, it is what it is.

I will give them all a try. Thanks.

Could be you are trying to accelerate too quickly and breaking the rear wheels loose, hence your side to side on a straight. Try and accelerate a little slower and smoother. Roll the power on don’t slam down the gas.

I have only tried Plymouth Cuda so far and with that power + speed, it is by far the most difficult time I have ever had in Forza. It is not that you suck because clearly you do not. It just takes massive amount of concentration and tiny little fine corrections to keep the dang thing on track.

I may just go and build one of those Cudas. I’m thinking, It’ll kind of be in the middle of my Camaro and the Cougar.

Simmo, I tried the BMW 2002 out since I already owned it. For my skill set, its pretty much equal to the 79 Camaro I’m using. The Camaro handles a little better and the BMW hits a slightly higher top speed, so they cancel each other out. I haven’t beat my time from the Camaro with the BMW yet, but I came within a tenth of it. I don’t think I’m getting under 4:10 anytime soon with either of them. I’m going to build up the other cars you mentioned later tonight and give them a go as well. Swerve has me hooked on this track ever since he talked me into driving his crazy Buick, I just can’t stop :slight_smile:

Your C500 lap time on Old Le Mans is unacceptably close.

Come on man, when I got close before, you went and built a different car. What do you think motivated me to buy the Cougar? I can’t catch your Cuda in my Camaro.

I’m trying, but you still have me by 6 tenths. Now once I learn to handle my Cuda, that may change :slight_smile:

They dont go straight. its just the way it is.
As swerve said, point, shoot, hang on. When you near the brake zone hope the front is pointed at the right direction when you throw the anchor out the window.

LOL perfectly worded…

Hey Lou,
If you are still trying different cars, try the Ferrari 365 GTB/4. In my current setup it runs 205mph and my best time (after just 3 laps) is a 4:11. Handles quite decent, and is easy on the straights.

To me it seems like it would be easier to use the right stick for steering as I have smaller hands, my left thumb points more of a north direction and my right thumb seems to point more west. It’s a lot easier to push the left stick up and down more precisely because that’s the way my thumb is pointing, it’s a lot easier for me and less strenuous to push the right stick left and right because my thumb is pointing that way… This might all seem a little backwards to everyone else but I really think it would help with my minor corrections and precision. Does anyone know if there is a way to change this?? Obviously brake and gas would have to be reversed too haha… Sounds weird I know but I’m the sanest person I know in my own mind :slight_smile:

You can have sub 1k-HP cars in C Class??! My fastest C Class is my '69 Datsun…and that thing doesn’t even push 200BHP.

Am i the only one here thinking 990HP or 990BHP as it’s known in Blighty in C C C class is absolute INSANE???

No, I think many share the same view as you. The only way it makes any sense to me is that those cars are only good on one track and they are darn near impossible to drive. Even with that, I don’t think they should be allowed in C class at all.

Try lifting the ride height Lou. It should help the car stability down the Mulsanne.