'97 Skyline - Asking for help tuning [A]

Hi all, I have recently tried tuning a few of my cars, I don’t fully understand every mechanic which is why I’m here asking for help.
My Skyline is A class and I seem to be having braking and cornering issues currently.
Now because I’m not as well educated in tuning as most of you, I’ve downloaded a couple of tunes for the car and tried comparing my tune with others. It’s been frustrating noy knowing what the issue is so I ask for any help I can get.
Here is the build:

Race camshaft

Performance and Handling-
Race brakes
Race springs
Race front AR bars
Race rear AR bars

Sport transmission
Race driveline
Race diff

Tyres and Rims-
Sport tyre compound
285mm rear tyres
Front track width [maxed]
Read track width [maxed]

Aero and Appearance-
Rear wing [Jun]
Bonnet [Top Secret]

Engine swap [6.2L V8]

Tyre pressure

Final drive 3.90
The rest is locked

Front caster

AR Bars

Ride height

Rebound stiffness
Bump stiffness

Brake balance
Brake pressure

Differential front
Differential read
Differential centre

Im away from my Xbox but will try to help you out.

I need the weight, weight distribution and power.

Thank you for your reply buddy, I just got home from work so late reply.
Here are the stats you asked for.
512 hp
1,457 kg
Distribution [I assume this is the right stat]
Front 55%

i’ll take a look too and offer fb.

be on in a bit

ok ston3. i put 2 tunes out there:

stone v2

the first is my tune of your build. i did not notice too much low speed understeer. braking wasn’t too bad for A class either.

the second version is with the forza rear wing. i did this as on high speed bends the tail didn’t stick very well. i used the extra pi to get another 8hp.

try them both out and see if you like either. no worries if you don’t :wink:

I won’t be on until later tomorrow now but I was hoping for some advice on what is right or wrong with my tune aswell, there are a bunch of tunes for the car and I’ve tested a couple, though I wanted some feedback on how to improve my own.

I’ll also test yours out though as I want to pin point what I feel is lacking on mine. Thank you for your time haulmarc, it’s greatly appreciated.

Hey ston3 try these settings for the Skyline:

Tire pressure 28.5 28.5
Final drive 4.06
Camber -2.0 -1.8
Toe 0.0 0.0
Caster 5.0
Anti-roll bar 21.6 19.4
Springs 714.2 589.7 (127.5 105.3)
Ride height 5.0 5.0 (12.7 12.7)
Rebound 12.7 12.4
Bump 5.0 4.8
Brakes 52% 125%
Diff front 74% 0%
Diff rear 100% 74%
Diff distribution 75%

This is for English units though, you may want to switch to English units before entering them.

EDIT: added metric values for springs and ride height in parentheses

sure ston3. some fb

i think your alignment is too high and too close together. hinders braking and turn in. try starting with 1.5 and 0.5. fh4 does seem to be inherently more understeery overall. caster will need to come up too

try spring height 2-4 clicks from the bottom

also. i think your bump is low and may bottom out

baseline with the above and tweek to your driving style. only adjust one area at a time in small increments to fine tune. hope this helps

Hey thank you for the insight and the base tune to work off. I’ve been testing it for about half an hour and it’s much more responsive than my tune.
I’ve tweaked a couple of things already to my liking, I prefer a little slide around corners at mid to high speed. I really appreciate the time you put in to helping me.

Thank you for your feedback aswell, I actually haven’t tested your tune out just yet, though I plan to do so as I would like to see what the extra 8HP will do for the tune.

Please be aware that I updated rear springs because I initially thought you were using race aero instead of street aero on the rear.