#97 imsa 240sx (s13)

I decided to make the #97 car. It’s harder to find and I figure less often replicated. The #97 came in 1992 I believe, which is the closest year to the actual car in the game, 1993. I feel that the shape of the actual car in the game (along with it’s glitchy bumper) limited how close I could of gotten as far as accuracy. The white line on the car was more tricky than I anticipated. The big drawback with this car is the number of body kits you can use on it. Some make it better, some make it aweful. So what I’m offering to do is, if you like the overall design and you want to have body kits, make custom paints for individual parts. Just tell me what kits and you have and I’ll try my best to accommodate you asap, just msg me. So with all this said here below is the photo of the real car and several of the game car. Keep in mind the game car is shown with NO body kits. As always any feedback/tips, good or bad are welcome. If you like it you can find it by searching for #97 IMSA 240SX (S13) in the game.





Nice retropaintjob. Too bad there is not the body kit for the car in Forza. I like it, good work made.

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The wide fenders would be nice but great paint none the less. Slap it on my s13 as soon as I can

Looking good mate, keep it up!

Here are some cars I slapped together, That I feel turned out ok, none exist for real but they look ok. Currently looking for my next project.







The Honda S2000 looks very nice and good. Good work!

Just make one thread for yourself. This is quite redundant.