97' Civic rwd very slow to rev up

I have a 97’ civic that I converted into a rear wheel drive that is very slow to rev to 3000 rpm. It almost stalls and slowly revs up until 2500-3000 rpm, then it’s more responsive. I tried to race it online but it barely crawls off the starting line. Once the car gets moving it’s fine but if someone spins you out, you have to wait for the car to rev up again. I did no modification to the car except rwd conversion, brakes, suspension, and tires. Any suggestions?

If final drive is adjustable move it towards acceleration.

If not upgrade the gearbox so you have adjustable final drive or the race gearbox with all gears adjustable and move either final drive towards acceleration or first gear,

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Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

The 1.6TT rallye engine is turbo powered and takes quite a while to Spin Up this dramatically affects the cycle rate of the engine- two choices - remove the rallye engine and stick to an engine that doesnt have turbos bigger than the engine b;lock, secondly to increase engine acceleration you might want to upgrade the flywheel maybe spend two points here, this would have noticeable change the engine acceleration- try not to use a final drive lower than 2.80 better at 3.50 for the rallye engine

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Thx for the suggestions, Rav1, I tried changing the final drive but it still very slow to spool up.