90's Touring Car Championship - Mondays 21:00 PM - GMT

1990: Mercedes-Benz 190E
1990:Jaguar XJ-S touring Car
1990: Vauxhall Lotus Carlton
1991: BMW M3
1991 Nissan GT-R 32
1992: Alfa Romeo 155
1993: Renault Clio Williams
1997: Volvo 850R
1995: VW Corrado
1995: BMW M5

All liveries MUST be of the time/era. The paints must represent similarities to how a 90’s livery would look. (Examples followed)

Rear wings and front splitters may be added to the cars and the rims are also allowed to be changeable

Race tyres must also be added.


Power/weight/Pi limit

Each car will be given a power and weight limit to reach (determined at a later point) BUT it is down to the driver to choose what they want to add /remove to reach this limit

(I’ll decide this later the cars will be A class though)


Tracks list: (not in order)
R1: Road Atlanta
R2: Brands Hatch (wet potential)
R3: Watkins Glenn Short
R4: Hockenheim National (wet)
R5: nordschleife
R6: Le Mans Bugatti (wet potentially)
R7: Silverstone International (wet potential)
R8: Sebring
R9: Mugello club

No safety cars. Crashed cars and debris is avoided at the drivers risk.

Qualifying: The grid will be set to random allowing for exciting racing.

Race length: laps averaged out to length being 35 minutes.

1st: 30
3rd: 23
4th: 20
5th: 18
6th: 16
7th: 14
8th: 12
9th: 10

This league will possibly run Monday swapping with Trucks