80's Heroes - K.I.T.T. vs A-Team vs Bandit vs General Lee

Captured with elgato and video make with sony vegas, 80’s Heroes in a race on the top gear track, YEEEHAWWW. :smiley:


K.I.T.T wins all day long. it shouldn’t be any other way :slight_smile: (and I say this before watching the video)

None of the cars have been upgraded but for some reason the dodge charger is the fastest and it shouldn’t be because of the body roll, I’m going to do this again and somehow try to make the speeds authentic with the tv shows but without speeding up the video or resorting to editing tricks.

I got the Elgato HD capture device today and wanted to try it out so the first attempt is not so good. but I like to go though the motions and pick up ideas from people and make improvements.

Having 4 screens going at once is messy too, maybe there is a way to drop these 4 vehicles on a track and have the drivatars help out.

Nice concept. I actually like the four screen time trial rather than a race.

I do hope you’ll consider removing or at least reducing the volume of the horn playing Dixie when the General Lee crosses the line. It’s very jarring & unpleasant.

I’ve redone it as it was a big crappy lol, upgraded all the cars to max, changed stuff on the vehicles to make them look more authentic, video is much easier to follow now.

Watch for the A-Team van on 3 wheels at 1:10

Elgato capture I love it. :smiley: